Saturday, December 10, 2011

Necroptic Slaughter-Weekly Album Review#1-Forbidden-Twisted Into Form

Forbidden's debut was quite obviously a classic Bay Area album for all of us. It helped Forbidden rise and become one of the biggest bands of the classic Bay Area scene. But there is another album released after that one that set the standards very high for Forbidden.

This album is of course 'Twisted Into Form'. Russ Anderson's vocals have never been so high-pitched and now he practically sounds like a god. The production is clean and sharp and fairly better than the debut. This album is a much more controlled release, with riffs much less savage and uncontrolled. Now the riffs have an even more technical edge and songwriting has also improved. These differences may not be any dramatic ones, but this is just the start.

The albums starts with the relaxing intrumental Parting of The Ways. Such a brilliant piece of acoustic music, showing that these guys aren't just angry thrashing guys, they're angry thrashing guys with talent. The second track Infinite starts with a twisted, melodic and dark riffs followed by a pounding verse riffs for you to bob your heads to. Infinite is followed by the magnificant Out of Body(Out Of Mind). A brilliant riff medley full of the most diverse and yet sometimes heavy riffs in the album. Filled with complex riffs spawning all across the whole song. Without a doubt Out of Body is one of the most enjoyable songs in the album.

You better hope you went Step by Step because you definetely don't want to miss this one. Step by Step is a fast and energetic tune with numerous progressive elements added to the thrashing riffs making the song a pretty headbangable one. It has some furious riffage, punishing and showing great musicianship aswel. I absolutely love the chorus of the song, which for some reason I find very well... cool. The song immedeatly follows up to the blazing and chaotic solo. Forbidden have a great style of soloing and have some of the most volatile and melodic leads in all of their songs.

After this, we immedeatly face the heavy intro riff of the self-titled song. What a riff. It may not seem very original but it equals an immedeate headbang for me, pure genius. After this we have another fierce song, which is R.I.P. And just like akk the songs in this album it combines some fast paced riffs with a fierce attitude which is essential in any good thrash band.

Overall this is albums and instant classic for me. I highly recommend it to fans of Megadeth, Exodus, Pestilence and alike. It containes some of the most diverse riffs and leads available to mankind. It is also one of my personal faves so if you like the classic Bay Area scene, get this album.

Rating: 91%

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