Friday, September 7, 2012

Chaos Inception - The Abrogation

I'm certainly not a fan of the brutal/technical death metal bands the scene is so prolific in, I've never been, and I've disdained the majority of such bands, except Suffocation's first two albums. The aesthetics of brutal/technical death metal bands sound nothing more than meager, frivolous assaults of  speedy contempt, flaunting off their musical proficiency by delivering ultimately exuberant barrages of meaningless noise and chords. Even though I highly dislike bands in this vein, particularly the mid-90's USDM scene, Chaos Inception create such a formula of malevolently bestirred early 90's USDM with  certain modern traits that I can'T help but enjoy its heinous, ruinous force. In every way possible, the band's moniker and the album title live up for their name, creating a chaotic oblivion of fiery, destructive power, making it nearly impossible to say no to its massive winds of devastation, and in addition, I was content that the band lyrical focus wasn't any thing gore-oriented.

Each song is as laconic as it can get, keeping the maelstrom of bullets quick, but extremely decisive, never crossing the four-minute boundary. The first track I heard, the title track seemed almost too fast for me. A burden of smothering, smearing tremolos danced around me feverishly, engulfing my flesh as if to consume it by eroding it with a numbing cluster of monstrous drum beats battering down  my bones, and a swirling whirlwind of tremolo laced sweep leads shredded me to mere scraps of flesh and bone - destructive annihilation. With everything crammed into a brief thirty-one minute length, the intensity seems like short trip, but exceedingly explosive all the same. Torrential  spirals of radiant tremolos and incising, mathematically-forged note patterns already form an intense grooving chaos, and as if that wasn't enough, the bullet storm exceeds with inhuman drum arrangements. Moreover, the tracks are linked together with links, and so the the energy jumps from one wagon to another without even giving the listener a second to breathe, colliding into each other, producing static, abrogating extermination.

The level of frenzied violence is probably the only thing the album has to offer, and frankly, it's the only thing I  came for. The vocals, are somewhat dominant over a less overt dark side of the spectrum, which can be interesting to channel alongside the riffs. Queerly, their delivery doesn't quite fit your classic USDM bill. They're low, almost down tuned, if I may be so bold, and over the matrix of frenetic artillery incursions, it's pretty hard to hear them, and sometimes, like on ''Black Blood Vortex'' they take on a sinister, snarly hue, wrenching out ultimately guttural and gnarl-inflected shrieks. As for the formula, I believe there's ''Altars Of Madness'' in the base of everything, but the bands continuation after that is not entirely predictable; there's some classic USDM worshiping, and some modern inclinations that bring the muscular dependency to power of course, but dissonant sound waves are also heard often as not, which makes me thing there's some sort of  thin cloth of Incantation underneath. ''The Abrogation'', is, obviously not entirely original an album, but its flurries, its violent tumult erupting abruptly - they all lead to the verdict that Chaos Inception planned something utterly disastrous and efficient, and while, as I said, this kind of death metal isn't really my cup of tea, I still enjoyed this quite a bit, even more than its influences, I must admit.

The Abrogation
Pazuzu Eternal
Phalanx (Tip Of The Spear)

Rating: 85%

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