Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lacerated Metal Weekly Playlist I

Right, since I can't constantly invigorate this blog with reviews (which is pure drudgery, believe me), I decided that I could at least freshen the blog by informing my readers with what boils up in my MP3 every week. Firstly, the list is purely post-2000 metal - so don't nagging me about how I don't listen to enough old school stuff. I listen to tons of old school metal, and as a matter of fact during holidays I tend to give my classics and newly dug archaic obscurities more spins than any of the new material, but on normal occasions, with the pressure of bands and PRs/labels demanding reviews, it's pretty hard to listen to my old school stuff, stuff that I don't review (expect for Nightmare Reality Webzine, that is). So, yeah, the first rule is that this list is solely made up of post-2000 stuff. The second, is that although I'm dubbing this as a ''Weekly Playlist'', I may not be able to update it weekly, or sometimes I may even feel more zealous than usual and I'll post another playlist before the seven-day mark. Finally, the number of songs each list consists of is not a definite number, but if I had to give you a rough idea, it would about 6-8 tracks apiece. And now, without further due, the first of Lacerated Metal's weekly playlists:

I - The Devil Awaits, by Eugenic Death, off the Crimes Against Humanity album
2012, Death/thrash, Heaven And Hell Records, USA
Sounds like: Ripping Corpse, Demolition Hammer, Morbid Saint, Sadus, Possessed

II - Terra Akeldama, by Auroch, off the From Forgotten Worlds album
2012, Death metal with black metal influences, Hellthrasher Productions, Canada
Sounds like: Pierced From Within era Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Brutality (USA)

III - Victims Of The Blade, by Antichrist, off the Forbidden World album
2011, Speed/thrash with a black metal undertone, High Roller Records, Sweden
Sounds like: Abigail, Barbatos, Venom, early Kreator, early Slayer, Midnight

IV - Crumbling Insanity, by Hooded Menace, of the Effigies Of Evil album
2012, Epic melodic death/doom, Repulse Records, Finland
Sounds like: An epic Asphyx, Runemagick, Solothus

V - Crotalus Horridus Horridus, by Serpentine Path, of the Serpentine Path album
2012, Death/doom, Repulse Records, USA
Sounds like: Asphyx, Winter, Autopsy, dISEMBOWELMENT, Coffins, Cianide

VI - Summoning Aural Hell, by Black Fucking Cancer, of the Summoning Aural Hell demo
2011, Black/thrash, self-released, USA
Sounds like: Desaster, Destroyer 666, Aura Noir, Usurper, Nifelheim

VII - Deathhammer, by Asphyx, off the Deathhammer album
2012, Death/doom, Century Media Records, The Netherlands
Sounds like (do you really need to know?): Asphyx circa 1990-1992, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Cianide

And with that, I shall conclude the first of Lacerated Metal's playlists. Feel free to talk shit about my musical taste, by old school fervor, and the lack of variation in the list. Good day.

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