Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daemonicus - Deadwork

Daemonicus are just another group aiming to emulate their countless peers and components, who, like themselves have committed entirely to the now culminated fashions of Swedish death metal. With a fairly large history in the background, Daemonicus possess certain experience, and moreover, after channeling the borders of Swedish death on their previous thread of simplistic compositions, they now in expectancy of better, augmented results with their ravenous melodious rage, ''Deadwork''. In all its non-encompassing glory and primordial frenzies, ''Deadwork'' is not a record set to enlighten the band's impoverished burden, nor is it made to thrill hardcore fans of Swedish death metal, but it's rather made to deliver what has already been delivered, in gore-soaked bombastic melodic boombox of pain.

Perhaps it is a conjecture, but I can scarcely imagine that this group will ever reach stupendous heights. This is something concerning the band's desire than potency, because, after all, the group has projected a professional sound robustly, especially by using modernized, crushing Swedeath furnaces, and the band is quite potent throughout their crazed, inimical anger, but I feel that if the band really wanted to do something different, they would have already flourished the basis of such a formula by the sophomore; yet, this is the result. I can still be quite content with this semi-melodious attachment and immense tone, shattering my spine though, and although there are a few hooks that might not quite get hold of you, within its massive circulation, Daemonicus sounds damn fine. The chord conjunctions sound squeky clean, as is the modernization polished the entire plethora of riffs, the melodious are fluent, abrupt but follow into each other logically, and the dual guitar harmonious are spewing fourth tangible despair, good enough for me.

Even the vocals, while still far from excellent have a subtle cavernous edge to them which provides a substantial boast for aggressive energy. ''The Hymn Of Ubo Sathla'', example, is where the vocals shine in my opinion, along with plenty richly textured riffing stretched upon mournful clean guitar arpeggios, growling out an obscure, guttural murkiness into the heaving chugs, so clearly, these bastards have gotten a good grasp on that Swedish formula. This, while offering absolutely nothing renowned, has got to be one of the more vigorous ejections we've come across this year, all thanks to its bulbous tone and explosive mechanism, but even so, I can't say any death metal fan will disdain this. After all, throughout the whole thing you feel as though some cannibal is about to pounce out of its unknown whereabouts and gobble you up ravenously.

A Deadwork Of Art
We Feast On Your Flesh
The Hymn Of Ubo Sathla

Rating: 76%

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