Sunday, October 14, 2012

Insepulto - Morbid Spawn Of Resurrection

Insepulto is band of certain peculiarities. Firstly, the trio hail from Costa Rica, which, although is closely on tact with some of the ruling countries which present the most bombastic brutality and cavernous void-filled obliteration of the last ten years, still doesn't have an extraordinarily spacious array of bands to keep up with their fellow South Americans. Second, peeking at the gloriously fashioned craftsmanship imbuing the archaic font of the logo, I honestly anticipated a far more esoteric, cathartic performance from these brutes, and thus, the occult themes retain plenty of mesmerizing subconscious elements into the forlorn heart of the music, a traditional paroxysm leveling at the main tendencies of the classic early 90's US death metal sound. The group is stellar in the execution in the riffs however, and the sense of boredom so scarcely passes by that you might feel as if you're being battered by a ugly horde of brute demons, a twisted, daunting seminar of pain.

''Morbid Spawn Of Resurrection'' has roots generally hovering over typical US death metal inclinations, but it's more of a patchwork than a strident, predictable path, really. Amid its rich texture, I hear numerous hints of late 80's/early 90's brutality; British influences for one, seem to be as dominant as the US influence, a composite of Cancer, Benediction and Bolt Thrower forms the frontier line of base punches and dexterous blasts, especially when the tremolos, deep and suffocating, flash into a flurried death/thrash engorgement, along with inimical South American elements to represent a bit of traditional fervor, for example, Sepultura or Executer, and even even tidbits of a frothing Sarcofago surge, for listeners who seek that sordid sauce in their dish. The rhythms are, as stated, ostentatious when rupturing with the pernicious spite of the hellish gutturals, and the band has an almost amazing sense of producing grooves and spectral moods to infuse with them, and furthermore, the brevity of the tracks is what holds the bridge between them efficient; whether you'll feel the pulverizing emissions of ''Epitome'' being hurled at your stomach, the semi-epic melodic black metal output of ''Misfortune'' or the rhythmic rumbles of the metalpunk insanity ''Orthodox'', you'll always get a sense of the album's well-constructed delivery and the band's potency in creating such dangerously shattering riffs.

Insepulto manages to create a notably strong, and very enjoyable effort, despite not quite sauntering through spurious territory. It's always good to get some fresh air out of good 'ol death metal brutality out of any utensil lying around, and the item these South Americans have picked is the dark, brooding murk of Incantation, which is, to me, a brilliant fit. What else can be said about the album? They've clearly nailed the formula even with  a bit of their own flaunting succession hinted here and there, they're old fucking school, they've perfectly executed their compositions, so the only remaining gap to fill is penning even better material - not that this isn't great, it's just not outstanding. I'm not quarreling to ask for some death metal convolution, I just want even better written brick-wall riffs, I want deeper moods; I want more. Let's just hope that these devils turn all miscreant against their ancestors like the others and disappoint us on the sequel. I don't think they will, either.


Rating: 86%

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