Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lacerated Metal Weekly Playlist III

To make up for last weeks playlist, I thought of including a peculiar little list of old school thrash stuff I've been repeatedly listening over the last two weeks. I think I might make some more of these old school exceptions every once in a while. Anyway, here it is, my delirious thrash binge:

Right To Die, by Hydra Vein, off the Rather Death Than False Of Faith album
1988, Thrash metal, UK
Sounds like: Regular Bay Area thrash with charismatic, static vocalist.

Afterlife, by Sacrifice, off The Forward To Termination album
1987, Thrash metal, Canada
Sounds like: Early Exodus and Slayer mashed together.

Wildfire, by Sabbat, off The Dreamweaver album
1989, Speed/thrash, UK
Sounds like: Ulysses Siren, early Demolition Hammer, Sadus.

U.S.S.A, by Indestroy, off the Indestroy album
1987, Thrash metal, USA
Sounds like: Street/Anti-Poseur thrash, Possessed, ''Kill 'em All'' era Metallica.

10,000 Days (Of Bloodshed), by Blessed Death, off the Destined For Extinction album
1987, Speed/thrash, USA
Sounds like: A crude Holy Mosses, Detente, Holy Terror.

Sudden Fall, by Coroner, off the Punishment For Decadence album
1988, Technical Thrash metal, Switzerland
Sounds like: Coroner (duh), Voivod, Watchtower, Annihilator, Mekong Delta, ''DI'' era Deathrow.

I'll Only Say It Once, by Razor, off the Violent Restitution album
1988, Speed/thrash, Canada
Sounds like: Whiplash, Sacrifice, Exciter, dirty street thrash.

Cloak Of Darkness, by Cancer, off the The Sins Of Mankind album
1993, Death/thrash, UK
Sounds like: Early Death, Obituary, Possessed, Massacre

Halloween, by Bezerker, off the Lost album
1989, Thrash metal, Australia
Sounds like: Bruce Dickinson + Slayer/Demolition Hammer/(Insert brutal thrash band here)

I was actually surprised there were three bands from the UK. And as you can see, 1988 is easily the winning year for thrash, closely followed by 1989/1987.

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