Monday, August 20, 2012

Deiphago - Satan Alpha Omega

You’ll hear praises about how violent and brutal a band is, and I’m sure a good score of metalheads have pondered the question; ‘’Are they really that brutal?’’, which leads to obvious answer of ‘’no’’, as in today’s scene it’s merely impossible to figure out a band that can truly ravage and annihilate with muscular strength, and most of that comes from the lack of advents, and thus, we’re stuck with a stockpile of impetuous brutal/technical muscle flaunters, a burden of bands so prodigious that never seem to cease in number. However, there is a positive side of this tenuous plague, depending on your way of defining ‘’violent’’. Blazing and furious on the wheels of their sophomore ‘’Filipino Antichrist’’, Deiphago blast out an utterly relentless matrix of storming riffs and unbridled, raw black metal, nothing more. Not only is ‘’Satan Alpha Omega’’ violent but it’s also a contaminating clangor of hellishly repressed abhorrence, a deathstorm of sporadic and blasphemous excursions, clawing their way through rippling shadows.

The band’s hostility is their most apparent aspect, or else they wound sound like utterly useless and bleak noise. I’m sure that the compositions under the festering shaggy blanket of rawness are fairly intricate, boasting some prowess in the least, but the true victor of this battle is the band’s inclination of exhaling a diverse plethora of riffs individually, and menacing atmosphere produced as a result of this traumatic clamour. Deiphago don’t sound like their having a hard time shredding their instruments in the record, and they even sound somewhat zealous whilst spurting out such blasphemous carnage. They’ve taken on an even messier sound than their previous album, espousing sounds widely used by carnal black/death outfits Conqueror, Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Revenge, some Portal and even tidbits of raw black metal to go along with the scratchy gnaw of the album’s callow, crooked set of teeth, grinding as it sweeps over your flesh.

Deiphago feverish pursuit is a harrowing experience from start to end, scarcely giving space for the listener to breathe, but this cathartic clamour is admittedly sometimes deterrent. I am a sucker for such monstrously hoarse ruptures and disseminating, chaos-riddled excursions, but the truth is that the album becomes a little too tiresome after sometime, and the frenetic barrages of hate sound, well… repetitive would be the wrong word so I’ll have to say suffocating. The tracks bear their fair share of variation, since each one sounds as concise as grindcore track, but deliberate harries are simply too much. I’m sure resident war metal geeks will drool over this, and I’m not denying my love for war metal, but someone with a hint of sense would keep away from this records contemptuous cymbal abuse and flesh-ripping tendencies, to avoid being teased by its barbaric primitivism. After you pass ‘’Atrocities Absurdities’’ I can guarantee you that you won’t feel half as comfortable as you were before you gave this a listen, because its angular lashes become so numbing that you begin to quiver and shake tremulously, your nerves jutting brusquely about. I, for one have the endurance to withstand its incursion for a good ten hours straight or so as long as I am supplied with the sufficient nutrition, but anyone who’s ears have only heard soft, polished music should keep away from this at all times in order to avoid possible ear fragmentation. You’ve been warned.

Tracks are only variant beneath their complexity, but certain tracks still carry some palpable differences. ‘’Human Race Absolute End’’, ‘’Heretic Oath’’ and ‘’Atrocities Absurdities’’ are songs that will abuse with the same spectrum of elements that go along with the album throughout, but ‘’Crucifixation’’ is a psalm of mournful chaos, while the finalizing title track feeds the listener a tremulous wave of cathartic compulsions, right before breaking into yet another heinous rupture. Despite a large flaw carving a deep gap in its stomach ‘’Satan Alpha Omega’’ does not displease. You have all the makings of a furious, hate-driven barge of impious flames and chaos, with not the slightest bit of monotony. Its hoarse shrieks shall shatter your ear drums, its drumming shall batter down your bones until they’re bloody and fragmentized, and the ripping pursuit of cadaverous black/death tremolos shall slash through your flesh and rip it to shreds, like a hellhound rasping inside your very bones. Deiphago prove their ability for those who are eternally loyal to the underground’s evil-infested auras, but anyone who has no place in the very depths of hell should stay away for their own good.

Satan Alpha Omega
Demonic Munitions
Atrocities Absurdities
Human Race Absolute End

Rating: 83%

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