Saturday, August 11, 2012

Strong Intention - Razorblade Express [2012]

Maryland bad asses Strong Intention have a new album out, entitled “Razorblade Express” and yes, it is full of bad-assery. Combining classic Grind and Hardcore punk elements, Strong Intention delivers a hard hitting barrage of chaos on this new album.

 The only gripe about this album is that it's extremely short. In fact, it is under 20 minutes with only six songs. It's a little hard to even call it an album and would make more sense to be considered an EP, but someone decided this would be the album.

At least there's no filler.

 Having said the above, the music speaks for itself as it kicks your ass quick and good. The two openers being the title track and “Messiah Whore” slam you against the pavement and keeps crushing you with amazing riffs and killer breakdowns while “Holes in the Wall” is a mosh happy gem that would've worked great as a Cro Mags song. It reeks of old school New York Hardcore. “3rd Space Gorilla Generator,” “Rat Factory” and “Slaughter Intelligence” takes you on a roller coaster through your intestines. There is nothing but rapid fire awesome going on here.

Strong Intention proves that even in this age where everything seems to have been done to death, bands can still pop out gems. The band is all over the place venting their frustrations and refuses to let go. This is a must have for lovers of old school hardcore and classic grindcore. “Razorblade Express” is one of those albums you listen to over and over again.

Rating:  70%

Written by Chris Butera 

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