Thursday, June 28, 2012

Corrosive Carcass - Composition Flesh

Flesh, flesh, flesh. What a wonderful thing it is. Flesh, gore, and blood are things that have been manipulated countless times in the metal universe, and little surprise there; it's one element that simply wants to be grasped by scores of bands. Especially when the matter is Swedish death metal, and when bands can't find anything to talk about other than ghouls and zombies, vivisection, dissection and butchering seem like very appealing lyrical subjects, and whether you're bored of the same gore laden lyrics or not, let's admit it, the plasma creature with numerous flesh webs sticking out of its bodice is a pretty cool armament for Swedish slaughterers to use to boast their mighty heavy churning of old school Swedeath. It's another Swedish band, another list of blood-dripping caustic songs, so I ask you, what the hell is special about Corrosive Carcass and their brand of infinitely duplicated Swedish styled death metal? Nothing, if truth be told, but besides a few bands, this is the best imitation  I've heard all year, and I'm aplomb that you'll find the scathing turbulence of the music pleasuring, if not wholly convincing.

This seriously is a complete composition of Dismember/Entombed worshiping, but then again, what band that engrossed the similar chainsaw textures didn't gimmick? Sure, there's been bands that added a twist of melody there and a hint of black here to prove to be more efficient and more original, but once you have such a cunning barrage of corpse-mangling, buzz laden violence, one can only care. Something that restores the energy here is definitely the length of the songs. Almost each song is as fast as a grindcore piece and as rambunctious as spiking thrash attack, and the intensity serves as a viable instrument to behold and set loose the immense plethora of fury driven riffs that reek of old school, and of course, flesh. Even the track titles seem as if they were written by some mad butcher, or some serial killer, as the album bears titles like ''Chainsaw Dissection'', ''Twist Of  Knife'', ''Butchershop'' or ''The Flesh Is Not Enough'' which are so obsessed with murder and flesh that they seem more laughable rather than taken seriously. Over the thirteen songs on the album, only a couple of tracks show slight variation with different pacing of a few elements to garnish to the aura of the record, but as a whole, you'll find nothing but pure crushing insanity and horror obsessed death metal monstrosity.

''Collector'' has to be one of the more efficient tracks on the record, dealing twice as much pain as any with its near five minute length and sheer force that comes untouched, and some distinct aspects hidden in the brief clean guitar medley near the end. ''Composition Of Flesh'' is vulgar and abrupt in every matter, but that doesn't stop it from attaining a decent level of musicianship throughout, as I find the mass explosion of crunchy riffs to be as stamina draining as they are shattering, and the subtle melodies to be well composed and well placed among the other riffs. Yes, the path of the flesh is set, and set well I would say, but now, it's totally up to the tissues that form it to either thrive it further, or drown and distort it with their rancorous vibrations. And this album remains as one of the numerous pieces that are linked together in the formation of the flesh, and a robust piece at that.


Rating: 84%

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