Friday, June 1, 2012

Impiety - Ravage And Conquer

I remember being pretty excited about this release, mainly because the cover art pretty worthy, because I've never really had good history with Impiety. The Asian black/death/thrashers go back twenty two years, and their early material actually sounds fairly convincing, resembling Angelcorpse a lot. However, this, their speed oriented burden of mechanical riffs is nowhere even near even decent, and in fact, its damn near garbage. Seriously, what the hell happened here? I was waiting for some evil black/thrashing and hefty riffing with plenty of atmosphere, but Impiety greeted with a meaningless barrage of ultra-fast speed/black/thrash riffing, with no personality, no intention and very little effectiveness.

Surely, there will be people out there who will appreciate this much more than I did, but for the sake of saving good money, I'll inform you, this is not worth getting. Some of the riffs may even resemble brutal death metal in a way that's maybe slightly more sordid, but besides that, this consists of many aspects that make my metal boring; non stop chord strumming and sharp turns altered by diminished chords and notes, and incredibly futile palm muted picking patterns, sounding all the same with every single song. I suppose muted tremolo descents have a minor amount of crutch like the ones on ''The Scourge Majesty'', but then again even the better sequences are outnumbered and engulfed by wretched army of pathetic riffs. The drums are also terribly worked out, constantly battering the double bass drums and killing off any change of offering some contrast to the listener. I mean, the songs aren't even short in order to keep the level of aggression at a high level, therefore we end up with songs boxed with relentless riffs, affixed only by their bleak performance that represents nothing but irrelevant, inaccurate riffs, written during a moment of anger.

Is the album complete garbage? No. The fact that there are a few good riffs that can be found here and there put a tiny smile on my face, but with so much demented aggression flowing through the albums' veins, it's pretty hard to catch a good riff during its manifestation. The solos are actually well written, and their presence is much more blatant than those so called ''Better'' riffs, but again, attrition strikes once more, and all the good solos get butchered by the depriving tissue of rhythms moving under them. Partly, you'll know that Impiety are good practitioners when it comes to building up some massive right hand stamina and strength. In the end, ''Ravage & Conquer'' is nothing worth more than pure headbang material or maybe a glimpse at the cover art, and while its insignificant surge of speedy blackened death/thrash offer dashes and dots of decent riffs, but as a whole it's something only mainstream black/death fans or naive people would love.

Legacy Of Savagery
Salve The Goat

Rating: 55%

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