Sunday, June 17, 2012

Power Theory - An Axe To Grind

Power Theory are another classic heavy metal band who incorporate different influences into their music to spice it up, even though the elements they add are never sufficient to wholly improve or flourish their sound. Despite this, they manage to produce a fine brand of original power metal driven heavy metal with tons of catchy riffs and hooks spawning from both sides of the album, and most importantly, they bring a sort of classy, semi-abysmal edge to their metal. The intricacy of the music is definitely not the main attraction here as the riffs aren't technically driven,but I even here some classic speed/thrash a la Megadeth and alike, and so long as the dynamics are kept at an adequately satisfying level, anyone can enjoy this.

Most of the accents pass through the vast maelstrom of tremolo pickings, so you feel as if you're travelling on some speed train for the majority of the record. The riffs aren't really malleable as they don't hold an incredibly innovating sound, but at least they don't blunder and mess around, because they're decisive and well crafted, striking the listener with solid punches every time. Power Theory have clearly worked well on making robust passages and solid bridges to link the riffs together, so whilst focusing on the connectors they probably omitted quality and distinction from the riffs a little, or maybe they just wanted to stick with plain, jumpy riffs, and either way, I'm content with their work as a well balanced song always beats a collection of stellar riffs. Many of the riffs give harsh clouts on the listener's face as I said, so complaining about quality just won't do. One thing that I found queer is that most of the energy on ''An Axe To Grind'' isn't exposed normally, but that's probably me. With a slightly evil touch enhancing the riffs, I'd say Power Theory gets fed by the vivacity hidden under the cloudy veil of darkness.

The vocals are a different experience too as far as traditional heavy/power is speculated. They're semi-evil just like the riffs, and they certainly don't bring much of a high-pitched, epic heavy metal taste to the album, usually taking on a lower voice with some rasps here and there. Another notable mention, is the drum work. I wasn't actually very impressed by the beats that the drummer laid, but the drums have a nice ambiance to them and they're clean and groovy all the way; that's good enough for me.The title track and ''Colossus'' have the sensationally catchy and sharp sound that you're lucking for in your heavy metal,  ''A Fist In The Face Of God'' is vicious incursion of speedy riffs, and the near-eight minute mid paced mayhem that is ''Deceiver'' keeps the momentum at a steady level by displaying some ultimately thrash chomps and stomps. ''And Axe To Grind'' ins't a release that you could dispute for hours, so just shut up and enjoy the damn music.

An Axe To Grind

Rating: 82%

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