Saturday, June 23, 2012

Corrupt - Slavestate Serenades

There's not much that could be said about Sweden's Corrupt. They started in 2002 as Corrupted and then with a sudden change, they altered their name to Corrupt in 2004, and after a good ten years, they've finally conjured up the material to strap together and form a debut full-length. Corrupt's style can be easily characterized as a simple gimmick of mid/early 80's bitter thrash style, drawing influences from mainly Kreator, Sodom and Celtic Frost maybe, with some occasional bay area violence snatched from Vio-lence, Slayer and Exodus. With it's basics channeling through territory everyone is acquainted with, you'll have no trouble comprehending ''Slavestate Serenades'', so much as you'll find it technical or sophisticated, but either way, it can still grant you a fun listen.

Oh, I've heard the similar intense drumming and generic chugging for a long time, as long as I've been familiar with metal, so there was really nothing new offered. Corrupt do tend to excel at fast, vicious thrash attacks of the most standard kind, I appreciate how the energy is raw and and not canned, with speedy riffs flying everywhere, but even the tone is bleak and relatively weak, so you won't be able to fully pleasure yourslef with the metallic chugs and all. ''Perjury'' and ''To What End'' are prime examples of the album's vicious, rapturous barrage of slashing riffs that attack like barbaric hounds without chains to bind them, and a ''Pleasure To Kill''/''Endless Pain'' influence has a strong dominion over the riffs during their assault. Even when the length of the tracks stretch, the vivacity is maintained and the music doesn't sound half as bad as the better ones, but all in all, I was scarce interested by the musicianship.

''Slavestate Serenades'' is not a tiring listen, though, and you'll be surprised how pleasing you'll find its one-dimensional look upon thrash. The riffs are as I stated, brawny and gormandizing in a muscular attitude at all times, but I've actually enjoyed the semi-cavernous, hoarse rasps of the vocalist, consisting of traits belonging to typical black/thrash suspects. In order to boast my theory of this being related to black/thrash, I'll also bring some of the sharper riffs and tremolo pickings found ''Era Of Terror'', or the completely propulsive exploitation savage riffs on ''Dwell In Disgust'', all simple attributes, but they resemble black/thrash all the same. Even though the compositions and song writing capabilities of Corrupt are clearly futile, their debut record will still hit you like a storming whip on the back, and while it's not wholly hefty, it's as piercingly cunning as an assassin dicing away flesh in the middle of the night.

Era Of Terror
Possessed By Evil

Rating: 74%

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