Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Witch In her Tomb - Witch In her Tomb DEMO

Emerging from an obscure covenant in Illinois, Witch In Her Tomb, a collection of barren aesthetics, exposed by the blighted hollowness of its own muffled surrounding, come to blast me away with a furious stream of teeth-gritting punk oriented black metal. Many, and I mean many, are probably not aware of the existence of the shadowed US black metal act, and few is known about them, as this demo stands as their sole release, and a murky piece of abrasive black metal, ranging at no more than fifteen minutes, unfortunately. Maybe if you're well acquainted with Burzum, Mayhem or the likes, you might not be offered anything new here, and that's pretty much the point since ''Witch In Her Tomb'' does not focus on the originality sector of the music, but this bleak expression of caustic atmosphere and the numerous strata that make up the cantankerous anatomy and structure of this demo will surely allure many a black metal fan.

My short description above gives you a vague image of what you're to hear, but I'm still going to try and extend my definition with some more detail. The strident strength and heft of the music is quite unusual for any black metal aspect, but that's what you have here in this demo. A thumping, crunchy tone with corrosive acid sprayed all over it, and I can't even describe how shattering the riffs feel at times, jolting with a gritty punk attitude, and at the same time, the rattling crashes of the simple are only bonuses for this experience. I actually felt that Witch weren't highlighting the atmospheric aspects of their music, which is a bit of an odd situation since that's what presented to you generally as an imperative of the music in black metal, but here's aggression is maintained throughout and the attained tone is enough to erode all the flesh you have, like frantic chainsaw, slowly gnawing against your skin. The band's capabilities in producing and writing explosive, yet complex material is evident by every element it possesses, but I think the real feeling of satisfaction comes when you notice that blurred tone doesn't outshine the artistic proficiency.

I really can't explain how much I enjoyed this, even though it's still not going to effect established thought of the ''Witch In Her Tomb'' demo. It's not anything only a virtuoso could pull, I'll guarantee you that, but that scarce seems to matter once you've found the perfect overtone that sets itself simple, and brain teasingly intriguing, and the arrival of this demo gets my hopes up for many, many other black metal releases that I've shunned and shadowed in the past. No, every aspect is not perfect, but every aspect is as solid and sturdy as the other once you're lost in this gritty vortex, there's really no getting out easily. It's copious guitar tone is still shredding my body and dicing away my intestines as we speak, and the sheer accessibility of ''Witch In her Tomb'' enables itself to surpass a great number of other is quality. Fleshy, fleshy black. A grinding treat indeed.


Rating: 85,5

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