Monday, June 25, 2012

Exordium Mors - Sacrifice, Perish And Demise

If you're intending on getting ''Sacrifice, Perish and Demise'', the new Ep by New Zealand's blasphemous five-piece, then you're in for quite a bit of a treat. Exordium Mors are relatively new and fresh warhorses in the diverse war of bestial black/death/thrashers, and the offer you black, thrash and death metal with riffs aplenty and chaos raging over the music like a malevolent storm. These vandals have been all Eps and demos throughout their good eight years, but with the arrival of their carnivorous Ep, they're bound to get a full-length album out soon, and that is something that I'm definitely desirous and eager about for obvious reasons.

One notable thing about Exordium's music is that they don't completely emit material from the likes of Bestial Warlust or Blasphemy, mainly because the diverse copiousness of their music is more spacious and sparse rather than crude and filthy like the the aformentioned acts, but they is they share something with Watain, Absu or Impiety, then that's the relentless speed, and accelerating black metal lashes that strike and batter as hard a spiked mace smashing your back, and as quick as whip, lashing out in a furious impulse. The riffs have a wide range of variety, and although their maneuvers are incredibly rapid and stamina-draining, the guitarists seem to be effortlessly shifting between chaotic black metal chord slashes and outrageous tremolo spikes, with a sprinkling of thrash crust.

Their speed almost reminds me of speed metal, though with a much more sordid edge, I would say. Despite the inexorable power of their riffs and sheer length of the songs, the music is kept fresh throughout, maintained with with spastic solos and intense black metal cravings. The most queer thing is that the production isn't as kilter as you'd expect it to be, and the music focuses on the black side of black/death(not unlike Blasphemy, Archgoat or Proclamation),  but in a way that cleanses the music of its filth and bloodiness, and keeps the bestiality and speed, then stirs with atmospheric black metal elements that you don't often see in bestial black metal bands. The opening track ''Sign Of Judas Liege'' opens the Ep with a battering riff of blackened ferocity, while transforming into a melodious break during its last minute, and pretty much all the tracks favor the same style, but boredom seldom strikes.

Even the last song, a Venom cover has bits and pieces of Exordium's relentless bestiality in it, but the album finishes after twenty one minutes, which is a bit of a disappointment because I felt the fun was only starting to begin, but for now, let's just keep our hopes high for quality material to arrive with the full-length debut. I wouldn't really call ''Sacrifice, Perish and Demise'' astonishing, but its adamant blast will leave people traumatized for a some seconds at the least, and falses will be especially driven out of their cosy place after being assaulted by this. This is a lesson in speed, aggression and hate.

Exordium Mors
Sign Of Judas Liege
Ancestors Call

Rating: 86%

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