Saturday, March 17, 2012

Avenger-Bohemian Dark Metal

The fact that the number of Chech metal bands that I had encountered before this were limited, made me instantly stereotype this band as ''bad''. It was a very wrong thing to do, as Avengers ''Bohemian Dark Metal'' offered some mighty fine metal that had nothing to do with the bands that I had previously encountered. This peculiar sound sounded quite appealing to me, especially since it showed a differnt style which hasn't been repeated over and over by waves of bands. Avengers so called style of ''Dark Metal'' draws roots from energetic, melodious black metal together with small elements of death metal. Though intimidation struck me the first time I heard the album, Avenger showed for the second time that they definetely had something to prove.

As the first song kicked off, I got a rather clear and dynamic black metal aspect, pretty straightforward, with no other influences scattered around. But shortly after the impact, the album revealed its true face, displaying a fast array of fast-paced, venemous riffage with fiendish vocals snarling the lyrics out in the bands own language. Not only that, but I was also baffled as the album was spacious and gave me plenty of room to breathe and not gape in bewilderment when the riffs reached their climax. This music is intense, no doubt but it also has a very energetic feel to it thanks to crisp clean production and comprehensible riffing, spread out chaotically and uncannily but still attaining a sordid and concise sound. At first, the album doesen't show its true colour as the death metal influence almost feels as it isn't even there. However as the you explore more and more into the dephts of the riffs and when the epic, chaotic charm is put aside, the noteceable death metal riffage is there with all its ferocity and anger.

The riffs are varied though still too extensive due to the lack of numerous types of music thrown into the fusion. But the album has such a great feel to it that it feels as if that flaw is totally unimportant and unnecessary with the music remaining already offering so much to the listener. That being said, it would be important to point out that the vocals are a true stand-out spot for the album with their peculiar, fiendish snarls intoxicating the album within a wonderful cloak of melody and heroism. The vocals sound like typical high-pitched shreiks, tha waste the gut brutally as usual but the contempt feel that they have have undeniably lasts throughout all of the album like an unfading light lingering for eternity. The vocals are very appealing, and negate all langour so long as they are existent. The moods of the album also differ at random whether it be the ferocious, concise assaults of blackened/death accompanied with the raspy vocals on ''Dusevni Chirurgie'', the epic, chaotic yet forlorn passages of dismal hate hopelesness on ''Umirani Zivotem'' or the courageously epic and heroic climaxes of the album, present in ''Fales A Apatie'', the album has many colours that tend to change as common as a Chameleon transforming into many colours of its own.

With a nocturnal atmosphere already setting the stage for the album, everything is there to make an epic, chaotic and outrageous ''Dark Metal'' album. While still not being the most groundbraking music of the past few years, Avengers recent effort stands out to be an exeptional release, mustering slighty varied soumnds together to form a distinct sound of their own. While this may not be something worth creating a whole new sub-genre for it still stands out much more than other typical black-death hybrids with its energetic way of combining the two in a way that doesen't happen quite often. Avenger show even more promise because they hail from the Chech Republic, a country that isn't necessarily the home of metal. Either way, ''Bohemian Dark Metal'' is an epic death metal album suitable for any fan of extreme metal.

Duševní Chirurgie
Dark Metal
Umírání Životem

Rating: 86%

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