Saturday, March 31, 2012

Revel In Flesh-Deathevokation

Revel In Flesh's debut album isn't necessarily a new find for me. In fact, I had known the album for almost two months now, but I had never bothered to check it out. Listening to the album may not have given me anything special, but ''Deathevokation'' simply adds up to the vast number of records that are not groundbraking, but are give great pleasure to the listener. Unlike many metalheads, I am more tolerant towards more extensively widespread sounds being repeated over and over, because I love the sounds that they attain. Over the past few years, bands have came and released that work just like the formula that I have stated above. Bands like Miasmal, Entrails, Horrendous and Intestinal have ripped and torn apart the Swedish death metal sound and projected it almost exactly the same way bands in the early 90's did. Revel In Flash follows similar stylings aswel, but in a less dynamic approach.

I can clearly say that I have quite enjoyed the concise and widepread riffage on this album. The only problem is that the riffs get repeated quite frequently, and boredom and tiredness occurs after the first three-four songs. The riffage is just as you may expect, fast and pervasive throughout but sadly not as effective. The srtuctures are mainly abstarcted tremolo bursts and descending and eerie melodies combined with a bit of thrashiness. The positive spectrum of the album is fortunately much larger than the negative section. The riffs always follow the brutal and crushing path of Swedish death metal and the they are usually pessimistic though not doomy at all. Theere are slightly varied tempo changes that eventuate the songs in a random way, but they all usually channel between rapid drum beats and mid-paced and melodic grooves, so if you were expecting to find some classy Swedish death/doom similar to Gorement, etc, then you are in for a surprise. The concluding tracks are even show even more efficiency in the speed department as they the riffs strike like bullets and the drums vigorously charge towards the half-drowsy, shocked listener compelling him/her to bang fiercely.

Just because the riffs aren't too original or even too memorable doesen't mean that they can't be catchy. Catchiness is something that many bands today lack greatly and even though many bands produce some superb albums, their flaw of catchiness drowns the whole album, leaving behind secluded and detested parts.The broodingly pessimistic melodies that hang close to the rest of riffage are surprisingly catchy effulgent compared to the more pervasive elements on the album. These dismal  melodies may opiate old school Findeath and Swedeath bands, rendering me excited no matter how repetetive and common they may be.  They carry imperative as they are one of the key reasons I liked the album and because they are one of the more stand-out features of the Swedeath-soaked German record. I would usually refer to the musicianship section, but since the riffs are rather frequently used, I must admit that the musicianship is limited and more monolithic comapared to ther bands which display similar sounds.

Overall, the music and riffage on ''Deathevokation'' does not show superiority or eminence compared to many other bands which were aformentioned. Many Swedeath worshippers have surpassed the boundries of repetetiveness and multiple collisions of similarity by adding different twists and such to their music, unlike Revel In Flesh who have only succesfully formulated a more straightforward formula of the same kind. Perhaps it was my love and adoration for the traditional sound that saved me from the terrible clutches of boredom that the album has captured and many people with.

Crowned In Darkness
Slavish Obedience
Opus Putrescence

Rating: 85%

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