Saturday, March 10, 2012

Putrified-Nuerotic Necrotic

A.Death gives birth to a second underground death metal album, Neurotic Necrotic. And the
wholesome Swedeath worship has covered the album in filthy, dirty mud. Though ''Neurotic Necrotic'' only stands out with its sheer fithiness and grotesque brand of old school Swedeath, it's still a very fine effort that leaves satisfaction in the listener. There is only a slight change in the sound, that which isn't very prevalent. But the album comes with a cool bonus, as it leaves the listeners ears bleeding for more Swedeath ocassionally of the more doomy kind.

The album oveflows with tinges of Entombed, Dismember and such aswel as obtaining a rather mid-paced sound of its own. The guitar tone is undeniably heavy and distorted and it accentuates in the mid-paced riffage. The only unique sound of the album is achieved with the execution of the slower riffs, but it still doesen't manage to brake the limits of originality. Most songs follow the same formula of more mid-paced riffs with the vocals bursting with grotesque ferocity in the background. With that said, it would be safe to say that the mid-paced riffs suffocate within a narrow wall that prevents them from varying too much. Some tracks however, like ''Behold The Butcher'', have a more dynamic feel to them as they break the speed boundaries and manage to create something more entertaining and attain a good level in dynamics as the songs are short and efficent. So as a whole this stuff isn't most groundbraking music I've heard, but it certainly is entertaining.

Some of the good energy comes from the heaviness of the guitar tone. It's wonderfully fat, chubby and has gained the traditional sound of the ancient Swedeath masters. The limb flailing, skull crushing riffage also gives the listener a run for his neck. Especially the last three tracks follow this rule with their rather faster and even more crushing approach. The tracks are groovy, heavy and beastial tracks with a hint of black metal epicness thrown in. Unfortunately every good thing comes with a disadvantage and the disadvantage of the chunky tone is blatantly obvious. It is so distorted that it takes away the clearness of the drums thus cancelling the crushing the effect that the drums usually create on death metal records. Furtunately though, the drums sound blurry and smothered but are far from entirely erased as it is still pretty clear to hear whether the snate of toms are in action. But actually once you think about it, the lesser production quality is a cool factor that one can use for a short teleport in time for some nice nostalgia.

Ultimately I was content with what I heard, a crushing and bestial album that may not be the most grooundbraking death metal album of the year but still an album to give a spin once in a while to get your headbanging energy on. If you like the filthy, degraded, rotting sound of old school Swedish death metal played in a slightly slower tempo than usual suspects, then this album is for you.

The Return Of The Ashes
They Speak
The Land Of Pharaohs

Rating: 85%

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