Friday, March 23, 2012

Dismemberment-Denied Salvation

After being quite fond of their previously released single and EP ''The Condamned'', I had found no possible reason not to get this EP. The EP simply stands out as Dismemberments best effort so far is their short discography. Dismemberments style is very comphrehensible and pervasive as so many other bands have repeated it over and over. Their brand of blackened thrash is still slightly peculiar and doesen't succumb to an easily bored metalhead. The music has its moments of darker and surprisingly more technical riffs widespread all over the EP. The cool thing is that Dismemeberment play in the vein of blackened thrash favourites like Skeletonwitch, Hellcannon, Nocturnal Graves, Shackles and Ketzer with a tinge of a more melodious and darker, more corruptive style of riffing that separates them from all the other retro-thrash bands who like to linger with the common retro-thrash sound all day, forcing a yawn and resulting in a state of drowsiness for the most part.

The riffs, as I said are nothing too techy but have a that nice, melodious edge to them. These kinds of riffs are of course heralded by more crushing darkened thrash attacks that have plenty of atmosphere to them. With the rich bass tone and stampeding drum onslaughts along with the harmonic guitar leads, the riffs can be decorated in and extravagent way. Though don't get confused because extravagant or exquisite is something that the EP doesen't support at all, with the crushing and forlorn thrash riffs continously bashing against the wall. The whole EP really oves the guitarists alot, other wise the whole album would have been completely robbed from all the orginality and the most tasteful feeling of headbanging pleasure. The vocals and the riffs all deal around the same tone and pace as they album seldom tends to escalate or ascend or explore different varieties of styles between the dim, narrow walls of orginality. Fortunately, the album hardly needs such originality since the vigorous, dark and razor sharp riffahe totally makes up for it. The riffs are quite catchy even if the follow similar patterns during most sections of the EP. The sinister melodies and hard-hitting riffage work well the production, clear but still slighty murky, allowing the riffs to pass viscously with ease.

The vocals never alternate, just smoothely pass alongside the riffs with the dark, low black metal tones with a hint of death metal. The instrumentalisation is not something that can be gathered to create a reservoir, but not much is needed as the result of extreme experimentalisation and exploration can be vehement or even catastrophic for such a promising and young band.The riffs are all well-delivered and need no addition to the already prevalent technicalty and cathiness. The main thing that drove me towards this EP and Dismemberment in genereal, is their robust resemblance to popular underground black/thrash acts like Ketzer, Nocturnal Graves and Hellcannon. I do love my black/thrash, especially now that it is such a common sub-genre in the metal world. Even if you don't like black/thrash, it would be important to state that Dismemberment play some of the better black/thrash around.

Last Rites
Perpetual Malice
System To Rise

Rating: 84,5%

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