Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nocturnal Torment-They Come At Night

Just like Magnetron who started off as a grindcore outfit and then turned into a straightforward thrash band, Nocturnal Torment was, in their early days thrash band in the name of Termination. But after splitting up shortly after releasing a demo they got back together to form an ultimately disastrous death metal band, which brought their love for Floridian death metal. The music is comparable to death metal legends such as Deicide or eraly Morbid Angel in many ways. While being able to sound as good as their legendary forfathers already gives them points, Nocturnal Torment have surpassed their boundaries with this ultra-crushing beast of a death metal album, ''They Come At Night'' and have managed to sound very old school, adopting the American death metal sound in particular.

Some tracks stand out to be pretty barefaced old school American death metal tracks, worshipping aformentioned giants while others combine pervasive and rich melodies with powerful, face-crushing riffs to obtain a devastating and enjoyable sound. The melodious approach resembles many Dutch masters such as Pestilence, Sinister, Creepmime and simialr suspects and many riffs also draw upon their ancient thrash roots to furmulate an even more limb flailing tendency that sounds especially with harmonious dual guitar sequances. Although the album never gradually progresses, it never ceases to brak necks as there also a ton of groove in the fusion, aided with some chaotic tremolo and whammy lead sections. There is also beautifully embonpoint guitar tone that for some reason enchances the heaviness of the melody and tremolo passages, thus adding hint of corpulency to the music to make it sound even more full. The tremolo chugs are not essentially ''Razor-sharp'', but the dual guitar overtones have managed to create a sinister feel both heavy and flow extremely easily, and at the same time give a Cannibal Corpse feeling.

Another great part about the album is that it never ceases to stop it's speed. There might be slower mid-paced sections but the whole album is usually pulverisingly fast and lethal. Tracks may range from six to five minutes in general but with the great formula they've written, Nocturnal Torment dosen't bore the listener at all. All tracks are highly enjoyable and sound concise even though their lenght tells the opposite. Another sign of the Deicide worship is the slightly more low sounding Glen Benton vocal delivery, which sounds like an exact reminiscent when a lower register vocal kicks in to create that same demonic vibe that Benton is well known for. The vocals are brutal though not too throaty with a hint of consistency. As the album flows, the vocals will appear at some places since the songs are so long. However depite showing some frequency, you won't even know that they are there since they blend so well with the destructive riffs.

Despite drawing influences from numerous bands, the band still has their own distintive sound which was the most durable attraction on the album. Though this so-called unique sound shows little concistency and prevalence it still manages to improve the overall accession the album by a ton. Not only that but Nocturnal Torment have simply combined all their favourite aspects about the aformentined bands with their own sound and add a hint of groove, mighty mighy ferocity and an outstanding performance involving melody, marmony, heaviness and pure old-school death metal of the more savage kind.

Vile Affliction
Cycle Of Life
Sweet Decay

Rating: 90%

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