Saturday, March 3, 2012

King-Forged By Satan's Doctrine

King is yet another band who fuses death and black metal together to create a mayhemic attitude. But to the opposition of bands like Blasphemy, Conqueror or Bestial Warlust, their album ''Forged By Satan's Doctrine'' is a much different effort. King has delivered an album which is tremendously complex and crushing like a crossover between Deicide, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse, with a black metal edge. The songs are all ferocious and will split your skull in mere seconds, thus they are played in a technical and groovy sense to add that hint of heaviness to the music.

The riffage alternates between your typical tremolo picking madness, and frenzied power chords. There are alot of instant tempo changes of the album that adds a neck-breaking groove to the music. Sometimes the riffs may transcend into a more technical mood, and that's when you will hear a mash up of notes played in a way to suit the overall ferocity. When I say that the tempo changes, I don't mean that it affects the music. This album is very similar to ''Tomb Of The Mutilated'' in many ways, so when the riffs suddenly get all doomy and sludgy, they immedeatly turn back to their thunderous ways. The bass lines are also noticeable as they are clean thick and sometimes they will stand out, though not too prevalent. The overall agility and ferocity of the music is a huge benefactor as it stands out to be an absolutely crushing brutal death album. And a good thing anout that is that King doesen't overdo in the brutality department.

As I have stated, the music overflows with dynamic and crushing sections until the very end, so it won't beat you to boredom. The only thing ''black'' in this album is probably the blasphemous voice of the vocalist which can be related to Glenn Benton's voice in many ways. The vocals shift between sinister shreiks of a higher tone and growling gutturals with a raspier feel. At times, the two vocal sections will combine to form the same sort of vocal delivery formed by Benton in Deicide. When we look at the production, there is really not much that could be said about it as it is clean and simply suits the riffs well. The drums however are thunderous and menacing and create an instant headbanging atmosphere for the listener. They are extremely consistent and rapidly played with double-bass kicking onslaughts yet they are concise and have few variety to them. But since the music is always played in a high pace, there was few the drummer could have really done and he did what he did professionally.

This frantic album leads patterns of undeniably crushing and powerfull riffs and pulverising drum beats. From chunky chords to muted tremolo assaults, the album is monstrous riffwise and percussionwise. While King's effort could have been just another one of waves and waves of numerous death metal albums, it certainly stands out with its energy, power and overall consistency that displays their technical and musical talents which pushes their stamina and endurance to the very limits. Whether you like Deicide, Coprse or Suffocation or even the likes of Emperor or Burzum, then give this a listen, you won't regret it.

No Pray No Mercy Just Death
When The Walls In Heaven Turn In Black
Macabre Satanas
Satan's Fabrica

Rating: 90%

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