Friday, March 23, 2012

Desaster-The Art Of Destruction

German black/thrash masters have released their latest full-lenght, ''The Art Of Destruction'', and I have to admit that I was really pumped before I got to listen to the album. I wasn't dissapointed at all, as Desaster delivered a solid album with a slightly different sound. There is something different about Desasters fast-paced and dynamic brand of black/thrash though I can't quite put my finger on it. The riffs are like tornadoes raging uncontrolled through a battlefield wielding a nice, clean production that helps it attain the dynamics that it requires. The music is now much more intense than any other Desaster record and there is so much thrash that at times it seems like the black metal influence is leaning towards the edge.

The strikingly swift riffage controls the whole album from above like a genious commanding his army. The vocals have a more death-ish edge to them with barfing, pukey screams scattered in dispersed formations all around the album. While all of this is cased in crystal clear production, the riffs may all  of a sudden transcend into black metal tremolo assaults and murky chord-driven barrages aided with the intense vocals. So all in all Desaster concentrates more on the solid, straightforward face of black/thrash rather than most stereotypical chaotic black metal stylings which have been quite widespread in their previous albums. Black metal fans are without doubt going to take this an excuse to dislike the album, while the gets even more recognition and grows more golden in the eyes of a thrasher. The neutral side, which is the group of metalheads are going to like this anyway. The pukey, stubborn and pissed of attitude of the vocals already gives the album a nice amount of points from the start. And the level of dynamics keep the album steadfast in general but still allows to crush the speed limit every once in a while.

Of course Desaster have quite obviously not broken the boundaries of originality on this record especially considering that tens and hundreds of retro black/thrash acts have committed themselves to the same style repeatedly. Among Desasters lenghtly discography, this album ranks as some of the more generic releases, which is of an unfortunate problem. Though pushing that aside, someone who has just recently started his/her journey into German thrash metal or black/thrash can quite enjoy this with its catchy choruses, simple song structures and that fun black metal influence spread as mere fragments across the sea of devastating thrash assaults. Tracks like ''Queens of Sodomy'' or ''The Splendour of The Idols'' can really conjure that old school black metal sound with a ton is energy and fresh barrage of absolutely fierce riffs. Also, I wouldn't want people to think that the album almost no black metal in it. That is definetely incorrect. The albm may deal around thrash often, but the song ''Possessed and Defiled'' is proof that Desaster is still true to its old, black laden thrash metal sound.

Overall the album would still be a good example of black/thrash of the typical type even if certain songs were to be excluded. There are some good tecnical moments in the album too, mostly supporting the heroic sound of black metal. The atmosphere on this album is nearly dead so if you were expecting an epic black/thrash masterpice from this album, then you've come to the wrong place. But if everthing I mentined was to be pointed out frankly; Desaster unleashed an album worth buying if you like fast, intense thrash metal with  nasty gutturals though the real thing that suprised me was the cathiness and amount of energy that Desaster has mustered, since black metal usually doesen't get too catchy or even too memorable. This album is fresh and ranks and Desasters better releases.

The Art Of Destruction
Queens Of Sodomy
The Splendour Of The Idols
Troops Of Heathens, Graves Of Saints

Rating: 88%

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