Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corpsessed - Corpsessed

Even though just the thought of it makes me despondent, I cannot run from the cold, hard truth. Finland’s current death metal disposal is host that’s not on par with what it was twenty years ago, although there are still bands who try motivate and commit to the genre that emerge from Finland, but these bands are shamefully outnumbered by other hosts gathering in other countries. Even in this time of grave depression and lack of productivity, Corpsessed, a fresh face to the modern metal universe, commits to the decrepit Finnish underground as best as it can. With last year’s ‘’The Dagger And The Chalice’’, a frightful rock of solid and embodied dark death metal, the band already gathered a fairly large audience, and in 2012, they have lead that small group towards their following, self titled release, a relatively concise outburst of occult death metal, simple, yet painful and vicious.

Corpsessed proves to an ambitious act, with consecutive releases, even though their sophomore EP is no more satisfying than a slice of plain bread. There’s no departure from their previous sound, but there still are some nuances. ‘’Corpsessed’’ is more efficient on the crushing, heavyweight stomps rather befouling the listener with sporadic incursions of twisted tremolo splinters and dense consummations, but there’s still plenty of what was going on in the previous EP, a twisted, corpulent sound that places itself somewhere between Bolt Thrower, early Incantation, a heftier version of ‘’Leprosy’’ era Death with even some Finnish worshiping done for the minimum amount. The riffs circulate fluently and smear through like fresh like cutting butter, and there’s even an enveloping aura to be found, spectral and dominating, but besides its meat-flailing and evil content, the EP serves as nothing more than an appetizer, causing you to salivate over the fantasy of an upcoming album.

I’m not really going to compare this to ‘’The Dagger And The Chalice’’ because their traits are roughly the same and this release delivers all of its use within a few spins. It should however, intensify and radiate Corpsessed fan base, and hopefully even expand it (with the help of the fantastic Dark Descent Records), so now, get this, and even its predecessor if you like, and simply sit in your cold, damp room, waiting for these monsters to eventually blow up their cadaverous tumour, spewing forth a debut full-length. That is all that can be done.

Of Desolation
Demonical Subjugation

Rating: 80%

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