Monday, July 30, 2012

Father Befouled - Revulsions Of Seraphic Grace

In spite of the scores of Incantation gimmicks that never seem to cease, worshiping sometimes pays off, and Father Befouled returns with a third barrage of blasphemous hymns to justify that statement. The Chicago four-piece haven’t really been around for a substantial amount of time, but they proved to a very productive group, consecutively releasing ripe releases, keeping their music fresh and their reputation strong for five years, and it pleases me more to see that their third full-length will probably be welcomed by the entire metal underground as their most mature release, and their most lasting, deliberately sustaining efficiency and brooding evil for the entire duration of the one monolith of a record. I wouldn’t really say the band expands their musical sight far too much, but they rather explore deeper, more hellish territory to mine for the required materials to forge their masterpiece, ‘’Revulsions Of Seraphic Grace’’, a brutal orgy of abysmal old school death metal, offering nothing but impious loathe.

Just as you may have understood, this record moves a step further in every department from the previous release, with more focus on the cathartic visions that it fabricates, rather than singular husky strength. Obviously, Father Befouled’s style resembles Incantation for nearly the whole of the album, and on this record that keep even truer to the darkened, doom-laden aesthetics of ‘’Onward To Golgotha’’, slowly suffocating the listener with monstrously dense aural spheres, deep sweltering and solitary, as it encompassed within a fathomless void, yet, incredibly, Father Befouled render their music somewhat accessible, ultimately sticking to some of the more muscular attributes. This way, the album is a more devastating exhalation of inhuming tremolos and corpulent chugs, and the listener is both swallowed and engulfed by the album’s mighty force. ‘’Revulsions Of Seraphic Grace’’ has erased agitating hindrances from the start, so that the path may be cleared for the upcoming wave of tremulously fibrous tremolo picking, all crashing into one another at certain points in order to render the atmosphere even thicker and more cantankerous.

The progressions are just as you might expect them to be as well; fluctuating in between monolithic death/dooms stomps, mid paced grooves, and absolutely mind boggling tremolo passages, and what’s more is that the band slathers razor sharp breakdowns to suddenly rise from the doom-ish spectre and morph into a tantalizing crush or blast, leaving the listener devastated and choking from its thick fog of profanity. The revulsions complete the blasphemous formula that father befouled were willing to formulate, and their convenience is guaranteed with robust links that bind the songs together, allowing them to travel fluently, so that the smothering torment is not interrupted. ‘’Revulsions Of Seraphic Grace’’ is cavernous and tremulous journey into the blasphemous depths of the unknown, displaying both musical complexity and inundating atmosphere on the way. It’s most enveloping, but I know that Father Befouled has more potential than this, and I have hope that they leave us with a record even more potent and wringing than even this. Father Befouled has once again befouled us. Hail death.

Triumvirate Of Liturgical Dese
Devourment Of Piety

Rating: 88%

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