Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Outre - Tomb

Outre are a band which hail from Canada, playing a brand of pretty simplistic raw speed/thrash. I wouldn’t call their style numerously repeated, or gimmicked, but considering there much more arduously constructed songs out there, they fall short of original, nonetheless, they still deliver a bristly covered slab of solid old school speed/thrash, hinted with some hardcore punk madness.

Yes, Outre’s demo ‘’Tomb’’ is vociferous, raw and inept in technical skill. Fortunately, though, such an endowment is not the intention of the demo, therefore, you’re left alone with thirteen minutes of punkishly raw speed/thrash, nothing else. Warsenal, another Canadian band which left us with a catchy demo, offered a better demo than Outre if truth be told, although they played a similar branch of speed/thrash. Outre draws heavy influences from the early thrash/punk, but the thick, sparse guitar tone enables the riffs just a pinch heavier.

The riffs are savage and they’re not meagre, rather prolific actually. They’re simple, though, usually crusty chugs and meandering chord progressions, but they’re webbed together with strong links and joints that establish a robust structure, which is more than I could ask for. But although it’s savage revulsions will gravitate people towards it, but riffs suffer from occasional inaudibility, caused most likely by the unnecessary amount distortion that the tone is doused with. The vocals are punk driven as well, savage and rough barks, but like the riffs they tend to suffer casualties from their lack of spike and enlightenment.

‘’Tomb’’ is not at all a bad demo, only a very raw one. It bares the materials needed construct a far more intense and pummelling force of punk oriented speed/thrash that could augment into a thorn far deadlier, and far more substantial. Outre will need to endeavour in order to achieve that sound, and they will need time to make their raw material more credible. We shall wait and see.

Les Chiens De Tindalos

Rating: 72%

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