Friday, July 13, 2012

Lucifer D. Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs of Death - Absolute Defilement

I’ve always enjoyed death metal, but for some reason, I’ve never been able to fully respect death metal’s rapid tendencies, and that’s why I’ve never been quite into grindcore. Sure, Terrorizer, Napalm Death and Repulsion are bands that I’ve found rather pleasuring, but other than those, I’ve always prefered the artivistic, droney and shattering side of death metal, neglecting many a grindcore band. Lucifer D. Larnyx, though, for some reason appealed to me more than I expected it to. Their near thirty minute debut album ‘’Absolute Defilement’’ is only marginally different from ‘’World Downfall’’, or ‘’Horrified’’, but such a crunchy churning of vivacious death metal and hardcore punk is a meal that must not be missed, especially if you’re a resident grindcore fan boy.

Almost every song has a brief intro, and them after that, you’re left with about a minute of pure grindcore soaked old school death metal, rushing, breaking, tantalizing with invidious aggression and undeniable speed; pretty much what you’d expect from a typical grindcore album. The reason the record appealed to me more is because I found the guitar tone rather fat and saturated, and on top of the speed driven templates, there are old school death metal tremolos and foul accents aplenty, so Lucifer always have something to keep both you and themselves busy. As I said, plain speed and demented aggression sounds like only noise, with almost zero musical quality whatsoever, but with a few small twists added into the carnal foray of the riffs, the music maintains a busier stance, continuously raping the listener’s mind with chaotic pistols, thriving and punching into the fat brick wall of the riffs. Such spectral nuances help the riffing attain a more sordid sound, even though the level of complexity and technicality is still not wholly convincing.

There may be slight distinctions along the way, but otherwise the music is as plain as it can get, enjoyable and old school nonetheless. The stamina and endurance the drummer has is unquestionable, playing a big part in directing the speed and ferocity of the riffs, though the vocals sort fall into a more modern line, switching between muffled barks and hoarse groans rather than chubby growls. ‘’Absolute Defilement’’ consists of nothing worth disputing for as every aspect is as plain as the name of the band. With such a vulgar and inexorable attitude they’ll surely prove to be a hard-hitting band, but besides that, Lucifer D. Larnyx did not impress me; only entertained me.

Slave To The Bodies Of Evil
Repulsive Impulse
Cut, Rolled And Smoked

Rating: 79%

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