Monday, July 16, 2012

Cultfinder - Black Thrashing Terror

Everyone seems to be complaining about an oozing plague of bands that fell, and are still falling upon the metal universe as we know it. Bands which could create a fairly strong buzz in the underground spewed their infection forth, and then it was only a matter of time before the sickness spread through every robust heavy metal vein in the world, and rapidly, countries became overwhelmed by the stench of death around them, and they reluctantly turned their faces towards the massing armies bands, obliged to imitate their aesthetics. At first, I was just as ticked off by this sporadic disease just as anyone, but as bands came and went, I actually saw that each link of the massive bulk of bands is individually strong and compelling (at least for the most part), so I took the spreading plague as an immense increase in populace, rather than a disease contaminating and reducing the prowess and potential of its victims. It’s one path I recommend to underground metalheads as it’s plain that every groundbraking album has already been released, so every metal release to come out can be dubbed as ‘’been there, done that’’. None of that matters. Just enjoy your bloody music.

Black/thrash, is not only a sub-genre that has been repeatedly gimmicked, but it’s also one that has been harassed and manipulated, but so long as we have acts like Cultfinder emerging from the decrepit graves to spread black/thrashing terror (no pun intended), the genre is safe. Cultfinder’s style can be closely related to the bands like Desaster, Usurper and Destroyer 666, bands which belonged to a scene which culminated and eventually exploded by the late 90’s/early 2000’s. ‘’Black Thrashing Terror’’, the band’s debut Ep is an eclectic presentation of chaotic and brutally fashioned old school black thrash, made gritty with a lump of a crust scathing over its surface. It gathers several aggressive old school death metal traits from the classic early 90’s USDM sound, and perhaps some sordid technicality from the likes of Pestilence, or Creepmime, from the heart of the Netherlands. Upon hearing the first wave of diabolical spraying of riffs, I immediately found myself tangled amongst its hooks, and I the Ep’s hardcore-tinged iron fist left me maimed and resentful afterwards only eleven minutes of bestial incursion.

As it has always been in black/thrash, ‘’Black Thrashing Terror’’ offers tasteful vocal work, sharp, raspy and dynamic, and slight echoes of the eerie rasps are pure ear candy. Cultfinder offer no more than rotting, sickening blackened thrash metal, so like I said, all you can do is enjoy the music because it’s not an innovating release, and ultimately these vermin are still able to look down upon many of their peers, crushing the competition and the chance of victory for many others. An Ep always states that a full-length is not remotely distant, you had better like this, or else you won’t be even able to comprehend the sheer stamina and dashing accuracy of the second bombardment. Don't loathe it, love it.

Black Thrashing Terror
Witching Curse

Rating: 72,5%

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