Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sanguinary Misanthropia - Loathe Over Will

Australia’s black/death metal is scene is already as extensive and sweltering as one can hope for, but there are bands who still have a great desire of exploiting their music, which is generally vicious and cunning. Sanguinary Misanthropia are mot exception. After releasing a bunch of EPs and demos, the Australian black metal war beasts commit to their most impious ritual yet; ‘’Loathe Over Will’’, their debut full-length. They essentially can be described as black metal, but the death metal influence weighs too much for one to simply call it black metal, especially with the heavy Watain and Angelcorpse influences making their strikes more lethal. While generally fabricating luminous incursions and swift, rather comprehensible riffs and outbursts of splinters, the band also calls forth a ritualistic aura that draws atmosphere and ambiance, which laminate the massive Norwegian black metal influence.

An occasionally preferred rule that bands like Sanguinary Misanthropia is sticking to a formula, and guiding the listener through a semi-hazy tunnel, viscously embalming and evaporating whilst keeping true to the path taken. Sanguinary avoid repetition as best as they can, (albeit it’s one thing that simply can’t avoided fully) by frequently changing the course of the album, and taking it into various territories, even adding slight embellishments on the way. ‘’Loathe Over Will’’ is rather long yet statically charged record, brisk no matter what, and because of its deluding nature it has the ability to spew forth many hooks to grab the listener, slamming him/her down with razor sharp tremolo barrages and teeth gritting texture spreading wide as if intending to the consume the listener. Its pliant manoeuvres and fibrous savagery can be very persuading at first sight, and its grip does endure for a long time, but because it’s obsessed with the airy attacks and flashes it’s abundant in, ‘’Loathe Over Will’’ doesn’t have much of a vague, squamous touch to it, which unfortunately leaves it devoid of the mystical, brooding sense we all love.

Nonetheless, with such a strong fortification, ‘’Loathe Over Will’’ still stands the test of vigorousness, and prevails, delivering naught but utterly devastating, caustic and deliberately spiking visceral, scathing turbulence. You won’t be lost within its tempest of bestial black metal, but you can be damn sure you’ll be constantly tempted, battered and harassed by its monstrous nature. It’s a record that can harness a bit of originality and adorn itself with it, and I’ll grant the band extra points for keeping it filthy, old school yet original – an attribute that many a band lacks. ‘’Loathe Over Will’’ is no masterpiece, but it’s still fantastic with all the different influences gathered around its banner. A good listen for those who are into the 90’s Norwegian black metal, bestial black metal, or even some more latter blasphemers like Morgirion, Infera Bruo and Exordium Mors.

Loathe Over Will
And I Smite Thee
Bellum Ad Internecionem

Rating: 86%

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