Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bestial Holocaust-Into The Goat Vulva

Bestial Holocaust have been around for over ten years now, and their third offering ''Into The Goat Vulva'' is a prime example of their primal, bestial black metal madness with very strong thrash over tones. Copious amounts of black/thrash legions have came and passed, and unlike the constant feeling of boredom that retro-thrashers tend to give, these hordes of black/thrash hybrids actually escalate towards improvement with every release, each one slightly more bestial than the previous. There may some exceptions, drone bands that shamelessly copy the likes of Desaster, Destroyer 666, Aura Noir and Gospel of The Horns, but aside from those, the current black/thrash scene keeps fueling the bestial thrashing energy like nothing I've seen before, and Bestial Holocaust is one fine example of these bands. They've inherited the ghastly black/thrash savagery of the aformentioned bands into their music almost perfectly, and what's more, is that they've added the chaotic feeling that was originated by. war metal masters like Bestial Warlust and Blasphemy.

Every track is equally ear-piercing and equally blasphemous as Bestial Holocaust offers non stop black/thrashing energy for the whole of the record, making it one lethal release. I can't really separate one track from another very easily, but I do know that ''Into The Goat Vulva'' is exceedingly fertile when it comes to creating riffs, bearing a bountiful arsenal of chaotic riffs. Most of the riffs are diverse, deranged pieces of flurried chord and tremolo picking sequences and they never seem to cease, as if it's an unending maelstrom of vicious tribesman, throwing spears and stones and then engaging in ghastly melee combat. ''Virgin Lust'' and ''Demonios Devoradores'' are straightforward, hard-hitting demons, displaying styles that are widely used in the album and ''Premonciones'' explored lower notes while descending during tremolo incursions, yet sadly, most of the aspects of all the songs on the album are very similar, making it a bit of a tiresome listen if one is not completely devoted to all things black/thrash. But nonetheless, the album drives the listener through a dark, demonic labyrinth where haunting demons and crypt fiends chase him/her without giving a second to breath, and every riff offered is crushing and barbaric as fuck, even though there's little or no gleaming brilliance to bestow that sort of sharp and precise sound upon the music.

''Into The Goat Vulva'' doesn't support the existence of much contrast, but it teems with filth and blasphemy, making it a very pleasing listen to those enjoy the bestial side of blackened thrash metal. There's really not really a very distinct sound on this album, but everything it offers is top notch no matter how repetitive, so ı can't give this a bad rating. All the band member did what they had to do, no more, but really, if you're an old school purist you'll see no wrong when hugging the album with blind eyes, because all the rotten aspects are in place and for old schoolers, this is damn near golden, and a good example of one of the better bands from current stream of turbulent black/thrash.

Eterna Posesion
Virgin Lust
Tiara De Aperencias

Rating: 84%

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