Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heretique-Ore Veritatis

Hailing from Poland, a country that ought to be known better for its waves of monstrous OSDM bands, Heretique produce some fairly fresh blackened death/thrash. ''Ore Veritatis'' is a hybrid of death, thrash and black metal, churning all three of them for a perfectly balanced mixture. Horrid, who had come up with one of the better examples of the this sub-genre, sound genuinely better than Heretique. Even though Heretique doesen't manage to be as sordid or filthy as Horrid, they still create an album worth listenening if you entirely devote yourself to the heaviness and thrashiness of the sub-genre.

I don't know I can still bare the same type of riffage played over and over, battering against my ear drums monotonously. I must really love my metal. Though I must also not that ''Ore Veritatis'' is far from complete repetetiveness. If the truth be told, ''Ore Veritatis'' has absolutely sordid and hefty moments of pure battering thrash madness and stomping death/thrash brilliance. The main thing that I love about this album is that it randomly swiches between all three sub-genres that it uses in the mixture, so the riffs range from crushing and spiky death/thrash chokes that pierce and shatter and epic black metal tremolo descendage, enabling the listener to actually enjoy the widespread riffage because the spectrum of variations is so wide and well-decorated with melodic solos. The modern sound is undeniable, but when the riffs are quality and there is a venemous atmosphere shadowing the riffs, one could hardly care. The atmosphere reaches its climax when clean guitar tones swagger around the hefty riffage and spacious tremolo bursts rage uncontrolled, frenzied by the deafening vocal delivery.

There is really nothing else that could be said about ''Ore Veritatis''. It's crushing, techy, epic and atmosphreic at times, so shortly, it combines everything good about black, death and thrash, sipmlifies it, and then puts it all into one package. Every track is simple, but crushing in its own way, so overall ''Ore Veritatis'' is a bloody decent album.

Rain Of Fire
Lashing And Contempt

Rating: 86%

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