Monday, April 16, 2012

Legionary-Arcane Divisions

I've been following the tri-state death/thrashers Legoinary for some time, and I was browsing their Facebook page in anticipation ever since the decleration of the release of their debut full-lenght, ''Arcane Divisions''. Believe it or not, Legionary's style actually differs from generic retro-thrashers and idiotic death metal bands who drown me into boredom. Well, the music doesen't carry immense peculiarity but it's still a fresh sound compared to all the other groups popping out of the woodwork. In the most basic terms, Legionary adopt thrashing energy into their brand of authentic death metal, not quite old school but still crunchy nonetheless.

Influences don't come in a wide variety but I can hear some Malevolant Creation, Deicide, lots of Florida DM worshipping, some brutal Cannibal Corpse grooving and a compelling, refreshing thrash energy with some technical proficiency on top of it. All the tracks sustain a groovy and sturdy rythm from the support of the thumping drums, constantly battering the snare and double-bass pedalling even in very simple riffage. The drums don't have much ambiance, so most of its vivacious energy is extinguished with the guitars savagely barking around, but they still give a fair enough groove and spunk to the riffs. The riffs are all very thrashy and genuinely simple, yet catchy and have queer tendencies to adopt straightforward brutal death metal riffage and stir it with the thrashing mayhem, though thankfully the brutal death metal attributes have been added in just the perfect measure, so the album doesen't turn into absolutely unmemorable crap. Guitars and drums cooperate quite often to lay of massive, headbang friendly incursions of pure speed and aggression. ''Absolute Supremacy'' or ''Questions Left Unanswered'' are good examples to these kinds of vigorous bursts of death/thrashing madness while ''Deceiver'' defies the widespread formula with its thick tremolo picking and chaotic chord sequences, and ''Frozen Assassin'' is an even more peculiar specimen, filled with moody the riffs and solos played in the arabic, exotic sense-something that I would kill to hear from any band.

While in the general the album sticks to the brual techy death/thrash formula, there are times where I can feel atmsophere roaming over the music, aided with black metal chord sequences. Along with that, there is a good number of riffs showing technical prowess. The vocals, bare vivid resemblance any brutal death metal band with more rasps perhaps. Overall, ''Arcane Divisions'' is cunning with its speed and eager energy to pursue and crush. True, this may have little difference from the hordes of retro-thrash outfits rising from the grave, but nonetheless a good album. I would really appreaciate the adoptation of more old school sounds on the next album, but thena again who am I to decide the bands future!

Arcane Divisions
Genetic Legacy

Rating: 84%

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