Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapel Of Disease-Death Evoked DEMO

Demos are always cool, to me they're barers of message, showing that the demo will soon transform into a full-lenght or an EP and Chapel Of Disease's demo is no exception. Now, these guys come from Germany and you can bet that I was waiting for something intense. Since the current death metal scene is overwhelmed by Swedeath and Incatation worshippers I expected COD to formulate a similar sound, yet to my surprise, these guys actually attained the traditional sound of their thrash forefathers Kreator, Sodom and alike. With a lot of thrashing madness and energetic OSDM grooving, this demo makes a fine listen.

With just four tracks and very little variety and exploration in styles, the demo doesen't leave much to be said about except that its crushing, catchy and effective throughout. Tribulation, who choked me in perplexement  with their 2009 album ''The Horror'', could have a fair enough resemblance to this EP, considering both draw heavy influences from primal German thrash metal upon their savage death metal roots. The guitars are clean and razor-sharp, and they only enable the deliverance of the riffs more deadly. ''Sommuning The Black Gods'' is straight up German thrash metal worship, with cruchy chord sequences, and exceedingly fast incursions of pure raw aggression. You might think that such raw power and vivaciousness may terribly destroy any atmopshere, but to the opposition, ''The Loved Dead'' focuses on the doomier sound of death metal, pulluting the atmopshere with both doomy passages and tinging, somber melodies. Especially at certain moments the album attains an Asphyx sound, sounding like almost an exact replica of the band, with mid-paced grooving riffs with just slightly less heft and the immense barks of the Van Drunnen-gimmicking vocals.

Short it may be, but ''Death Evoked'' has a wide range of riffs that all flow like an everflowing stream. The message I got on this one didn't exactly deliver anything I've never heard, but gave me something fresh to listen to every once in a while since the scenes today are dominated with pure Swedeath/Autopsy worshippers. (not that I'm complaining) COD will probably release and album by the end of the year, so this time I'll know what to expect-warning COD, you better come up with something good or else.

Summoning Black Gods
The Loved Dead

Rating: 85%

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