Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cruciamentum-Engulfed In Desolation EP

Lately, there's been a constantly infecting assault of 90's death metal, and one band band to emerge from the the rotting sewers of old school stench is Cruciamentum, one of the most grotesque. Crawling from bottomless pits of old school DM, Cruciamentum hail from the UK, a country which once gave birth to immense death metal monstrosities Bolt Thrower and Benediction. Cruciamentum strike with absolute energy and the constant companion of OSDM rot, following the energy like a shadow. This is not the prelude of something that was not witnessed before, but it's one thing to be definetely be excited about, because amongst tens and thousands of new 90's worshipping bands that flow like rivers of decay, Cruciamentum stand out with their elaborate song architecture, cryptic dynamicism and unending current of turbulent death metal that no doubt evokes ghastly nostalgia in the mind of an OSDM fanboy.

The music, when explored with deep precaution, will display all of its colours that come vast variety and contrast to the opposition of simplistic OSDM brutes who emphasize on a single direction in the perplexing inventory of the yet to be perfected art of OSDM. Cruciamentum no doubt borrow more than a few influences from their archaic forefathers. In fact, the band has actually taken aspects from slightly differing bands, thus they have churned all these different styles all togerther to produce a rancid OSDM ep. There is definetely some Bolt Thrower and Benediction worshipping here, and I'm quite content to see that the band has followed a similar path to their fellow countrymen and forefathers, in contrast to bands who show no influences of their national sound and simply worship the already pervasive styles which have been repeatedly done before. Besides the British masters, there is an indulgent sound of Swedeath, taken to add groove and purvey the dark, somber atmosphere. The tremolo pickings are granted a rich and fat tone, which evokes an Incantation sound. Simultaneously streaming guitars sometimes change paths and harmonize in order to attain the same bludgeoningly evil Incantation sound. I have enjoyed how the band's tendency of mixing all these grotesque stylings all together and churning them with  some additional features, but the EP offers even more.

The atmosphere, is a crucial factor in envoking the rancid OSDM nostalgia and frankly the riffage on ''Engulfed In Desolation'' have all blended well with the un-polished production quality to create a blood-curdling atmosphere, aided with heaps of ambiance, spawning from the blustering assault of the riffs. The drums also have a settled sound, dense but still very audiable and of course fitting the music well. The eight-minute diabolical finale, ''Unsanctified Temples'' is one song not to be messed with, While all the other tracks blast out vigorously and spray epidemic with turbulent incursions, this track is alden with disease. Indeed it is yet another exhibition of a common trait in OSDM-doom. Whith eight minutes packed with doom laden passages and sickeningly eerie dirges, ''Unsactified Temples'' is a riff medley, producing riffs which have been borrowed from typical suspects like Autopsy, Fleshcrawl or Incantation. Overwhelming atmoshere of enormous density and giving little space for a listener to breathe is what this song's all about.

Even though I have enjoyed the riffs on a healthy amount of OSDM bands, I feel Cruciamentum made a major difference alongside Horrendous, Morbus Chron, Miasmal or Ignivomous. How these guys put all the great attributes of 90's death metal amazed me, and an Ep is just the start. Every tracks has the rotting stench old school in its veins, and the atmosphere guarantees you that everything is perfectly unpolished and macabre. My final request from Cruciamentum would be to make a full-lenght, and quick because just four tracks at a mere twenty-five minutes will certainly not suffice. When it comes to OSDM, I'm like a vampire with voracious thirst, and if these Brits don't come up with a debut album soon, my thirst will be redeemed with their blood. Hurry up, time is short.

Fallen In Disease
Thrones Turned To Rust
Unsanctified Temples

Rating: 90,5%

Fill your nostrills with more old school stench:!/pages/Cruciamentum/285239791946

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