Friday, April 20, 2012

Never To Arise-Hacked To Perfection

The catastrophic wave of extreme metal duos continue to savage the ears of listeners violently, and this time we have an interesting death metal specimen at our hands. If any good Florida worshipping band has emerged in the year 2012, then that's Never To Arise, coming strong with their riff-o-rama ''Hacked To Perfection''. This album is a pure riff-fest of elaborately garnished riffs accompannied with delicate song writing and technical proficiency, which can all easily rage like violent storms over a mosh pit. Brutality is not the only thing that catches my interest here, as these riff buthers have also flourished thier music with queer chords and sounds, and thus even when the albums base structure is tightly associated with brutal death metal, an old school sound seems unavoidable.

I hope you ignored the cheesy cover art and gory peculiarity of the song titles, because asfter you get this you will forget everything. ''Hacked To Perfection'' exposes the concrete wall covering the music, therefore unleashing a furious blizzard of monstrous, ill-tempered riff upon the listener which will no doubt be unaware of the upcoming incursion. Many may think that these riffs are nothing but violent, fast stompers, but in between and under the turbulent assault, there's intricate songwriting and technical prowess, all used in an adaquate manner. Each riff that this album offers is pure delicious ear candy and thre isn't a single song that doesen't twist and collide with the skull or the ear and the riff tend to take even more grotesque forms with the queer chords and sounds that they alternately get garnished with. With these peculiar twists, the album attains some originality, and when the bestowed on the perpetually assulting, frantic tremolo wrenches, the sound that you would want ask from such a band is attained. Each solo and riff is acquired almost flawlessly and upon the raging whirlwinds of riffs flow classy yet chaotic solos, driven towards madness with the insane wrenches of the infamous tremolo bar, infinetely manipulating and comsuming the music. One little flaw that may put off some people is that the drums are programmed, but despite that, the programming is done well, and many won't even notice it's there.

As I satated before, the album primarily draws lnfluences from USDM and Floridian DM stylings. Lots of brutal DM also going on here, similar to early Deicide, Malevolant Creation and some of the descending tremolo pickings may even resemble early Morbid Angel in some way. With lots of variations and twists appearing randomly, songs get a boast in energy and contrast, so that the listener always pursues the music. The most perplexing example to this is the nine minute riff arsenal epilogue of the album, ''Misogynistic Acts of Barbaric Sadism''. Nine whole minutes of death/thrash mayhem, with all the common aspects you've already heard on the album before and even more. The tracks incredibly breaks free of the chains that bind it to boredom, banality, and as if avoiding these cliches weren't enough, it fill the listener's ears with numbing clusters of razor-sharp chainsaw riffs, driving through flesh like butter and cheese. This album earns a strong ''Awesome'' from me even though I'm not the biggest fan of USDM stylings, and who knows what manner of hellbeast it will swarm over the metalheads that adore the American death metal sound.

Misogynistic Acts of Barbaric Sadism
Hyperbaric Torture Chamber
Sloppy Surgery
Mutilation Supreme

Rating: 86,5%

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