Friday, April 27, 2012

Sewercide-Severe Trauma DEMO

Just when I was talking about the new thrash scene, more bands spawn from hideous sewers, and bring forth highly praised influences, from the most devastating acts of thrash metal. Australia, who never ceases to deliver mighty fine black and death metal, offer me Sewercide this time, a fairly new band, perfecting the disastrous formula of Demolition Hammer and alike. Sewercide's influences are blatantly obvious and there's nothing new brought to the table, but just the sheer level of energy and crushing riffs are enough to persuade to review this two-track demo.

Sewercide basically sound like a slightly lighter version of ''Epidemic Of Violence'' circa Demolition Hammer. All their aspects and influences sum up to a gigantic death/thrash attack, a relentless butcher, fueled by an unending fire, ignited by the relentless assault of the storming, grooving drums. To be completely honest, Sewercide can't be really dubbed as death/thrash, because there's really no death metal influence existent here, just plain, stomping thrash. Although I'm never displeased with standard thrash aesthetics, I can't deny that Sewercide has borrowed a little too much from D-Hammer, and unless you're totally new to the band or other typical aggressive thrash outfits, I can't really say that this demo will provide much contrast for you, and instead you'll only have the momentary joy of re-listening to the thrash bands that dominated the metal underground during the early 90's and late 80's. There's little diversity and technical prowess, but other than that, I doubt that any thrasher won't like this slab of old school thrash atrocity.

Since there are just two tracks on this demo, don't completely rely on my verdict, because on the next release Sewercide may come stronger, and more inundating. ''Pyrocataclysm'' is one that totally decimates as it could have easily been an extra track on D-Hammer's tormenting debut masterpiece. Everything is firmly placed on this demo, yet it's certainly not an upheaval of creativity. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those nerds who only listen to music that constantly strays from the path, but I just want Sewercide to take that huge infleunce, twist and turn it into their own thing without turning the formula into utter garbage, and then display it with all they've got, and hopefully on the next release, something like will occur.


Rating: 83,5%

Free download of Sewercide's demo:

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