Thursday, April 19, 2012


Warsenal are a very little down speed/thrash outfit hailing from Canada. This just sets the starting line for these young speed/thrashers, although I have a feeling their status will increase quickly within just a few years. This demo contains three songs, and the songs bring a small variety of fun elements to the table and Warsenal puts up a really decent effort from head to toe. The music is ridicolously catchy, and certain attributes such as classic speed/thrash, early Kreator or ''Kill 'em All'' era Metallica spawn viciously from every single riff.

Okay, obviously in such a concise piece of music, you would naturally have pretty simple influences and base structures, and that's how this demo plays. Sure, this is stuff that would have been praised more for its originality and catchiness in the early 80's, but good thrash is in such a bad condition that sometimes listening to a thrash like this makes me feel like I'm listening to my mandatory early thrash records. The riffs are damn simple, but they'll get you headbanging within moments. Occasional group shouts add some spice and freshness to the music, giving vigorous accents to emphasize the already catchy chorusses. The huge ''Kill 'em All'' influenced riffs are absoluetely vicious and crunchy even though the music in general isn't what you would call ''brutal''. The energy is there and its supported by the Millie Petrozza-esque vocals and concise drumming. The demo is an excellent textbook example of catchy, vivacious 80's speed/thrash nothing more, nothing less.

This extremely short demo offers little but offers it in the best way possible. Nothing technical here as the riffs are all perfectly comphrehensible yet the simplicity only boasts the quality of the demo. There are certain influences besides the ones that I have listed although they're vaguely unnoticeable. In conclusion, Warsenal have tapped on my memory and now I have a sudden urge to listen to my old school speed/thrash classics, early Razor in particular since they're fellow countrymen. If these guys release an album soon, be damn sure to get it if you're into recent acts like Withctrap, Midnight or Deathhammer, because it could even compete with those.

Hit n' Run

Rating: 83%

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