Friday, April 13, 2012

Profanatica-Sickened By Holy Host EP

I must admit that I'm definetely no huge black metal fan, and before I listened to this EP, which by the way is nothing like an EP lenghtwise, I approached with trepidation. However, In the end, I was more satisfied then I would have ever expected. Profanatica delivered some of the craziest, most aggressive black metal I had ever heard and got my headbanging face on as soon as the music commenced. Profanatica caught my attention with the ridiculously designed riff patterns and musical structures that sound nothing like an arranged composition, and in fact it wouldn't be wrong to say that the structures are mangled and deranged.

Of course the structures weren't the only things that caught my attention. The veins of the riffs are overflowing with pure raw aggression and energy and sound nothing like epic, or even atmospheric. Within just seconds after the riffs started, I found myself furiously headbanging to an abominably filthy kind of music, mangled and distorted beyond belief. The primal savagery is supported by the brutal assault, layed by the drums in the back. The drums really provide a lot of support to the riffs, constantly stomping and battering the snare, as if trying to kill a wild boar with blunt war maces. The riffs are all your typical fast paced tremolo pickings and they are quite numbing. Sometimes the music gets so intense that I feel that a turbulent tumor is growing in my ears, cranking up the volume to unbarable heights. The music was constantly assulting me, not giving me a single second to blink my eye or take a breath, as the songs follow eachother directly and there are no ambients or instrumental medleys in between. The title track and ''Jenovah Fading'' are straight up caveman crushers, displaying their barbaric aggression the whole way and ''Holy Trinity Done'' simply starts like its predecessors but ends at a turtle's pace, showing that the album may have really queer attributes and structures. The vocals are scary good, barking and brutalizing the vocalists guts every moment. They don't appear to often, but when they do, the level of chaos increases rapidly.

All of that pretty much covers ''Sickened By Host''. While the originality was poor and repetition was quite frequent, the riffs were savage and velocious enough to earn eighty points, all on their own. This is one album not to be messed with. No epic, folk black metal can be found here, only ultimately brutal and bestial black metal of the most primal kind. I was sickened by a host alright, but I have serious doubts about whether that host was holy or not, because in this album, only blasphemy prevails. Andit prevails stronger than anything else-I guarentee you that.

Sickened By Holy Host
Jenovah Fading
God Blessed Them

Rating: 81%

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