Friday, April 13, 2012

Impious Baptism - Path Of The Inverted Trinity EP

There are many one man death and black metal projects out there, yet the one done by J, must be one the more promiment ones. Surely, Impious Baptism is a relatively unknown band, but it satisfies my voracious thirst for the one thing that I have not getten enough of ever since the release of ''Unholy Exaltations Of Fullmoon Perversity'', war metal. Now I'm not I die-hard fan, but I certainly like the way the raw death metal guitars grind an scratch on the atmospheric surface of black metal blasphemy. This wave created by infamous bands like Conqueror, Blasphemy and Bestial Warlust continue, with  even more strenght. Some of the more dominant bands like Archgoat and Proclamation have released excellent efforts whose hooks will sink into your flesh like butter, and yet one of those bands is Impious Baptism, steady to assult you with its black/death monstrosity.

The EP follows all the blasphemous trends that were created by aforentioned masters with little derivation and change in sound, but still managing to sound as distorted and ungly as possible. J, who has played in numerous Australian bands like Destroyer 666, Nocturnal Graves or Hobbs' Angel Of Death who have all somehow been involved in his dark brand of black/death, playes all the instruments on the album and I have to admit that that's no easy task. Sure, the album strays just a little from the traditional sound of cadaveric satanism, but the riffs are well-constructed and there is no bullshit, just straight up, full speed riffage played most intensely and chaotically. All the riffs channei in between furious tremolo descendage and distorted chords, and drums batter non stop. The is a good concentration on the catchiness on the material too. I mean, black metal can't really get too groovy, but the riffs are all headbang friendly and even slightly memorable between that filthy rubble of debris which provides all the atmosphere. There are cool moments where the drums and guitars cooperate and produce stomping mid-pace chompers, as seen on the title track. There is also a healthy amount of thrash influence to be found here, one trait that streches the sector of originality since many bestial black metal acts prefer to use thrashy monsters at seldom, and that's something I can't quite understand.

With even just three songs and a total of eleven minutes, the album can serve some punishing justice, in the rightful vein of their genre-defining forefathers. The vocals are just as demonic as the riffs, guttural snarls that evaporate and erose as soon as their delivery is finished, in order to emphasize the ominious atmosphere. ''Path Of The Inverted Trinity'' carves through your flesh and grinds you up into uneven pieces and then gladly bashes your remainders bloody. This is the bestial assault that I had been waiting for sometime, and I'm glad that the delivery was still fresh when it came. This EP will constantly lay unholy seiges upon you, therefore if you like Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust or alike, there's no reason not to feel the satanic might of this one.

Doctrine Of The Antichrist
Path Of The Inverted Trinity

Rating: 77%

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