Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exorcised - Reflections Of Horror DEMO

Although I can't seem to dislike any of the new bands which carry out the essence of death and thrash metal in of 80's and 90's, there are just scores and scores of bands, that you just loose count and lose your self in an infinite vortex of filthy, grinding metal. Many bands achieve queer sounds by flourishing the already present sound, thus resulting in a sort of peculiar aroma of death metal, something which can grab hold of a good number of listeners from the start, whilst numerous bands fail to add a sturdy spice to their music, managing to sound very simple and basic, nonetheless still very efficient. Exorcised are quite a young band, and judging by their simplistic approach to death metal with typical tremolo progressions, hefty mammoth riffs and relatively basic song architecture, we could really dub them as basic old school death metal, like Ominous Crucifix, only a little more evil and with a larger hint of thrash metal. I already heard the same ''Da Da Da Dum, Da Da Da Dem'' style chugging riffs millions of times, and since the originality department is incredibly futile and decrepit I'll take ''Being Creative'' with a grain of salt.

Even though the music is pretty simple, Exorcised manage to consume bits and pieces of the listener along the way by varying slightly at certain points, and swiftly channeling between different kinds of riffs to capture some attention. And they do. Due to the demos short longevity, Exorcised manage to successfully spurt out some catchy riffs and keep the level of dynamics at a steady course by continuously harassing the listener with the vicious spikes that spawn from the riffs. A diverse tactic, though let me inform you that this strategy is nothing completely new and will start to loose efficiency along the way for veteran listeners. People who have rarely tasted such disgusting, abominating metal can have the sublime joy of diving in this ocean of filthy death metal. Since the demo's short, many people would probably find it easy to enjoy the simplistic chugs and distorted tremolo pickings, but I'm alert that unless Exorcised step up their game in near time, a full-length album may not interest larger audiences, but so long as they keep the spike sharp and polished, and as long as it can grind flesh and tear down internal organs, these guys have it covered.

Swift and agile movements can guide the listener with ease, and even death/doom sequences that can be found on the title track have a pleasuring groove and flashiness to them. ''Oppressed By Unreal'' is rather long and a little depressing, and the gateway of boredom in never too far, but some top notch drumming, another robust aspect of the music, even mid paced stompers can carve fairly large holes into a listeners skull. Exorcised have even constructed robust yet vivacious bridges between those doomier riffs and faster riffs, and I have to say they've done a good job on that part as the tempo change doesn't rapidly evolve, and nor does it escalate in the speed of a turtle, something in between. Despite my adoration for all of those bands who conjure a vile sound with ease, the ''Reflections Of Horror'' demo did have some flaws and for the most part, there was no stimulating innovation to boast the quality of the album, and more elaborate song structures would also never hurt, with tiny decorations encircling the music. A pretty good start for a young band, but let's just hope that the bacteria infested tooth doesn't decay.

Pestilent Curse
Unholy Awakening

Rating: 76,5%

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