Friday, May 18, 2012

Mutant Supremacy - Rotting Season

There have been numerous death metal combos that adopt an thrashy, rather straightforward death sound into their old school basis, and as most of them were a deal of ''hit or miss'' for me, I focused more on bands who actually reflect passion and hate with their music with queer, tormenting formulas. Mutant Supremacy is just another typical crude death metal bands to evolve from the front rears of the grave and act as a very standard piece of death metal infantry. Bands like Writhing, Ad Patres or Ominous Crucifix are some bands that come to mind when I am to describe their brand of simplistic, yet still pulverizing death. Perhaps Mutant Supremacy does slightly differ from these bands as they tend to be more passionate and slightly more concentrated while writing their primal compositions. I heard this many times before, and I do mean many, yet for some odd reason, these guys are turning out to be more attractive then I would have imagined.

Perhaps people who've tasted their debut album ''Infinite Suffering'' may have had a better idea when they needed expect what was coming, but I was left almost completely clueless against what was about to hit me. The cover art and logo font usually tell a lot, and judging from decrepit skull infested with rotting maggots, I could tell that this was some crude, unpolished death metal, the way I liked it. I was actually correct with my answer, though only up to one point. While this reeked of old school stench, it's hooks and grapples didn't sink on me the way I had expected them to. There is almost a typical USDM sound in the riffs, and most riffs are just simplistic chugs and crushing breakdowns and stomps. A fairly enjoyable listen, but sadly not very bountiful when it comes to the originality department. ''Rotting Season'' offers the the same kind of grinding death metal chops with similar crunches all the way, but the intensity of the music is ineviable especially during ''Kill Without Question'' which is only a two minute impulse of furious riffs, or the title track, a frantic slaughterhouse, altered by the hellish screams of the vocalist.

With the whole Ep lasting no more than eleven minutes, you'll definitely be parting with the riffs sooner than you think. Obviously, 'Rotting Season'' lacks the efficiency of other great OSDM albums that are being released as we speak, just as they lack that morbid death metal feeling that should be a mandatory element for all. ''Memento Mori'' has its certain nuances, with a slower tempo and somewhat darker riffing guiding the music. Yes, its a decent track and it does help the Ep gain some variation, but that's all. This a solid release, but only because its lack of length kept the listener interested and the music fresh. Mutant Supremacy are probably aiming for a second full-length, they have to something about the quality of their music NOW. As far as the Ep goes, though, I had little complaints, and I actually enjoyed this raunchy monolith in its way of reflecting simple, catchy death metal with little loss in vivacity.

Rotting Season
Memento Mori

Rating: 75%

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