Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview With Afonso Veiga Of Nuklear Infektion

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed Nuklear Infektion's crushing debut Ep, ''Weapons Of Massive Genocide''. It managed to annihilate any simple, boring retro thrash band out there, showing that these Portuguese monsters can conjure up seriously killer thrash. Yes, I'm aware that it's an impossible task to be able to keep up with the current thrash scene, but you better get off your lazy ass and grab this Ep, because it's definitely some mighty thrash done right. After my review, I managed to catch up with guitarist Afonso Veiga and did an interview. 

LMZ-How did you form the band?

We formed in the beginning of 2011, when me (Afonso) met André at a Destruction gig in the end of 2010, and he told me that he was looking for people to start a thrash metal band. He already had found a singer (Tio) and he had some friends to join in at both bass (Rúben) and drums (Tiago).
Later we had to find a new bass player, because Ruben wasn't a big fan of old school Thrash. Diogo joined in.
Before he joined we recorded a demo track of our first song WE'RE ON COMMAND, with programmed drums and me on the bass.
Some months after we played our first gig and after that Tiago had to leave, because he already had a band, and Hugo joined in, to play drums.
After that we played some local shows and began the recording process of our debut EP.

LMZ-What were your primary influences while developing your sound?
Basically Old School Thrash Metal, like Slayer, Exodus, Vio-Lence, Demolition Hammer, old Sepultura, etc...
And some other bands like Obituary, Motörhead, etc...

LMZ-What were the reactions like to your debut EP, ''Weapons Of Massive Genocide''?
We had some pretty good reviews, better than I expected, actually.
The fans liked it a lot too, and the reactions live were pretty good too.
Too bad local bands are more interested in talking crap than supporting, haha.

LMZ-Do you think you have improved sound-wise when we compare your EP to your your previous demo?
Our first track, WE'RE ON COMMAND, was too over-the-place.
For the EP, we wanted to improve the songs structures as well has to give a certain identity to each track.

LMZ-What are your thoughts on the Portuguese metal scene?
Though there aren't a lot of Thrash Metal bands, there are some pretty good bands.
Unfortunately, as I said before, most of the bands are always backstabbing the others and talking crap. Atleast there are some pretty cool bands too, with awesome people.

LMZ-Are any plans for a full-lenght album in sight?
We're focusing now on promoting our EP, but I'm already writing some new riffs, and we have already some new ideas. Maybe during the summer we'll start working more on new songs, but now we just want to thrash every possible venue.
LMZ-Now that you're done with the EP, I suppose you'll focus on doing shows for a while. Do you plan on touring?
Yeah, as I said we want to promote our release. We got some pretty good gigs. We are playing a fest with HAVOK in June, and some other venues and fests.

LMZ-Any final words before we conclude this interview?
Thank you for the interest.
For any promoter interested in us or if you wanna buy a physical copy of our debut EP, hit us up at
Stay tuned for more info at our facebook page:

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