Sunday, May 27, 2012

Upcoming Release Worth Bragging #1

Yeah, so I figured if I can't review some of the awesome stuff that's about to come out, I could at least promote them a bit. Here are a few releases that I'm soaked about:

Mongrel's Cross - The Sins Of Aquarius 
Australia delivers quality black metal oriented metal every time. This is some blasphemous black/thrash the way you'd want it to be. Fans of Ketzer, Vomitor, Gospel Of The Horns, Blasphemy gonna like. Crushingly sick.
Available through Hell's Headbangers Records.

Deiphago - Satan Alpha Omega
Again, Hell's Headbangers do not fail to deliver. This is some pretty satanic war metal, in the vein of Blasphemy, Conqueror, Desaster, Bestial Warlust etc. Diggin' this much more than I would have expected.

Puteraeon - Cult Cthulhu
Swedish death metal is pretty popular these days as you may know, and I find it hard to choose bands that are really good at it, but these guys should definitely break a healthy amount of necks. Just crunchy good. Swedeath from Sweden. What more can you want? Old school with some nuances, but generally sticking to the typical chainsaw formula. Should be one of the best death metal releases of the year.
Available through Cyclone Empire.

Engulfed - Through Eternal Damnation Ep
Old school death from my home country Turkey. I'm actually pretty excited about this because not only is Turkey lacks numbers when it comes metal, but this four-track Ep seems quite worth my time. Some Incantation worshiping done right for sure. Engulfed consists of ex member of Deggial and Decaying Purity, bands that I'm not really into, but overall, the quality of the riffs seem pretty good. Plus, these guys are signed to Hellthrasher Productions so I'll be getting a promo of this real soon (Hopefully).

A new Necrovation album is also coming out on the 26th of June via Agonia records, though I couldn't find a song anywhere. Still, old school and from Sweden. Should be on par with ''Cult Cthulhu''.

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