Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morbidity-Pits Of Eternal Torment DEMO

Death metal is spawning from every single hole, every crypt it can find and fit in, and finding some old school death from Bangladesh was no huge surprise to me. Singer Defiler of Morbidity contacted me and I received this monster of a demo, totally by luck. What I love about certain new death metal bands is that they keep the main essence of old school purity in themselves and project that unto the listener in the most ghastly, most horrifying way, and Morbidity is no exception in this concept. Just take a look at the cover art. It's raw, it's grim, it's morbid - it's what old school is all about. What's more that while scores of bands worship either Autopsy/Incantation, and many others emit that groovy thrashiness of Swedish death metal, Morbidity sink even lower than these bands, exhaling some utterly grotesque, indecipherable death metal that may bring acts like Nunslaughter or early Morbid Angel to mind.

As I said, the cover reflects what the album is in the most vivid way, a morbid death metal ghoul with shackles strapped to its arms, screaming, suffering, urging to devour and contaminate. Unless your ears are well hardened for this sort of distorted production quality, I advise you listen to something rather raw before you listen to this, as every aspect of ''Pits Of Eternal Torment'' is raw and unpolished, the way it ought to be.  The riffs are thunderous and even groovy for some reason, and the the rapid current of vicious death metal never culminates, thus attaining great speed and velocity and at all times. The introduction track ''Morbidity'' kick the album off in a fast, thunderous and vicious manner, and thus the main material and essence of the demo is born right from the start. Although Morbidity is not primarily influenced by Swedish death metal, there is very thick and noticeable odor in the air that undeniably reeks of old school Swedish death metal. The deliverance of the riffs are also super sharp despite the muffled, distorting production quality engulfing it, there is a totally sinister, brooding atmosphere encircling the riffs that work they way through the thickest, most inundating sections of the atmosphere by cutting through it. The only complaint I can think of is that the demo is far too short to enjoy to the fullest, and the hopefully the arrival of a debut album.

Being so sharp and agile has scarcely sounded so downright evil and chaotic, and the modern old school Swedeath monsters Tribulation instantly come to mind, only they had a better production and thrashier riffs. The main basis of that evil sound that I praise so much comes from the chaotic riffing, the mangled production and the cavernous growls of the vocals, all three elements that are actually quite simple, but sound ultimately callous and evil once they collide and Morbidity even put a Nunslaughter cover song to indicate that they were influenced by such acts. Creative riffs with a substantial amount of groove, the sheer grisliness of the music which make your blood curdle and an excellent, sturdy delivery showing the band thrives in the art that they produce, the art of archaic death metal, lost and buried within centuries of mainstream insults and mockeries, yet know the night has returned and the caskets have cracked. The grave is readying itself, readying armies of monstrous ghouls and macabre entities that will soon awaken from their dreams and rise from their cemetery to besiege Earth and all things good and positive. Morbidity will most definitely take part in this most gruesome incursion, and lead the assault from the front line. Well done gentlemen, well done.

Let There Be Chaos
Pits Of Eternal Torment

Rating: 85%

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