Thursday, May 24, 2012

Infiltrator - Demo

I knew it. I just knew it. I knew that after getting to know Gatekrashör I would gradually escalate and discover more and more bands, each slightly better in quality. Philadelphia's newest act Infiltrator brings a much needed amount of speed, aggression and thrashing energy that current scene seems to lack so badly. The band is basically a one man army, but everything is composed and mixed so elaborately that the only thing this demo is missing are more songs, and that's a huge step up from the beginning considering many bands fail to deliver both quality music with well-mixed production and numerous songs at their demo stage. Not only does Infiltrator produce some lethal, vicious speed metal, but an additional boast of intricacy is always attached to the frantic riffing, increasing the sheer complexity of the songs will still enabling them to feel as casual as ever, the way classic speed/thrash is supposed to be.

Within just first thirty seconds of the opening track ''Crush The False'' you can understand that this is not just simple, straightforward speed metal, because the songs are written with caution and care, and every aspect has been arranged in the best way that they could be, thus the sound is always plain and comprehensible, and by the first minute of the galloping onset, many will probably be pursuing for more. With two tracks, you might think that Infiltrator haven't quite found their sound yet because there're only two songs in this demo, but with two tracks at over twelve minutes and fairly intricate compositions, I think Infiltrator's sound is established firmly. ''Crush The False'' kicks off with the boisterous laugh of a harmonious guitar melody, and a classic stomp n' chomp gallop follows, eventually leading to an ultra fast speed metal onslaught. The real notable element of Infiltrator's music shows itself during the verse. The vocals. Oh yes, many speed metal bands are quite fond of shrieking, ear shattering vocals, but the vocals on here are muffled chokes and guttural rasps, a bit like Midnight, but Midnight were highly influenced by black metal, so they were sort of drawn into doing so. This, however, is a totally original addition to the music that wasn't even necessary, but I'm just glad the vocals are the way the way they are.

The speed metal scene is about to be shaken by the volatile assault of Infiltrator, so many bands should really start to get better at their game, because it looks like Infiltrator are heading towards the throne. It's amazing how one guy can muster so much good material and attach them to each other in such a robust way. This demo's got it all, storming speed/thrash riffs, excellent, thumping drums battering against your ears, original vocals and shredding solos that flow so fluently that you might as well loose your grip on them. Two tracks, yet so much to offer, this demo will please a great amount of people once they hear of it, and Infiltrator are definitely heading the right way. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a debut Ep or full-length.

Hell Ripper
Crush The False

Rating: 86,5%

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