Friday, May 25, 2012

Holodomor - Témoignages De La Gnose Terrestre

England's Holodomor have been around for no more than just three years, and this is their debut Ep, a raw piece of black/thrash. Many bands actually tend to just toy with obvious influences while bringing little contrast to the music they adore, but Holodomor have already found their own unique sound even though their material is still not sufficient enough to create something truly distinguishable. Holodomor actually explore through many different regions of extreme metal, and amid a compelling force of primal thrash metal and raw black metal, you'll no doubt notice queer influences spawning from here and there, adding color and contrast to the Ep during its short lifespan. I'm still not sure if these guys have settled their sound sound yet, as if still sounds unpolished and there are numerous details that need to be worked out, but despite all of these small flaws churning the Ep, an add, almost experimental sound rules the music, and many who search for variation will be drawn onto this Ep like a magnet gathering metal needles around itself.

Many different influences are spread around the album, making it a queer listen right from the start. Black/thrash is what this is dubbed as, but the music is so diverse that the riffs have already dislodged from their traditional black/thrash stance, so don't expect to hear something like Ketzer, Flame or Urn. Instead, the chaotic flurry that was created by masters like Bestial Warlust, Blasphemy and Angelcorpse is a dominant element in here, right on top of the crazed onset of bestial thrash metal, resembling early Sodom or Kreator circa ''Pleasure To Kill''. Of course once you exit the array of influences that shape half of the album, you're left with many other sounds, all adorning the Ep in an urge to twist it into something very peculiar. For the most part, I can say that the experimentation has ended with success. ''Témoignages De La Gnose Terrestre'' never lingers too long in a certain area, it explores while vomiting out all the things that it covers, never sticking to a strict formula. Basically thing of a face, twisting into numerous emotions and grimacing for the most part. That's what this is, stubborn black/thrash fueled with hate, having a penchant to try something different every minute.

The influences that shape the album are not very bountiful when they are projected in the same manner, but by adding swift turns, sharp maneuvers and by having savvy flexibility, the riffs here are sprayed furiously upon the listener, spiking suddenly and then drawing back, simply introducing standard influences in a most spiking way. The riffs are totally flashy and sudden, and before you can have a moment's respite after a gnawing incursion of bestial black/thrash, another onset is at your door, and it strikes before you can have a moment to breathe. The really great factor about the Ep is that fact that these guys have definitely worked hard while writing the riffs and arranging the songs in structure. Many might hear basic tremolo passages and typical diminished black metal chord strums, but deep within the turbulent assault of riffs, you'll notice there are technical details added, and Holodomor actually present this in the most accessible way possible. A great trait.

The first two tracks show much of the Ep's relentless ferocity in its ways of blistering hate and agile curves, making it an intriguing experience. The music doesn't flow progressively, because it stroke has its own accent, so basically the music is mostly a raw mix of colliding black/thrash riffs. ''Tribulation Stigmata'' follows a relatively different road then the previous and upcoming songs, starting off with invidious velocity but then gradually slowing down and introducing some very queer black metal chord strums. The vocals here are absolutely chaotic, like a twisted madman screaming while inserting a knife in a lifeless body. The drums are have also been noticed despite the crazed riffs surrounding the album. They play blast beats occasionally, since that's the best fit for this sort of fast music. Overall, the general sound of the Ep is impressive and it drew me nearer than I would have imagined. Holodomor are yet to stabilize their style, but this Ep will always remain as a crushing piece of complex black/thrash.

The Iconoclast
Fall Into Time

Rating: 84%

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