Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gatekrashör - Fear Of Attack

Ever get bored of the oppressive heft of atmospheric bands, or the devastating hammers that keep crushing your skull? Ever want something a little different? If you're up for something dynamic, fresh and extremely catchy, then I've got your answer right on my fingertips. Gatekrashör's new Ep ''Fear Of Attack'' is some 80's speed/thrash metal worship done right. As the current scene is being plagued by numerous bands that repeat the same style over and over, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find something that's actually original or enjoyable and easy to listen to. Bands are putting so much effort on the sheer intricacy of their music that they immediately forget that producing catchy, light and simple material is also crucial while writing compositions. Fortunately, bands like Gate Krashör, Infiltrator and Witchtrap are eager to bring pain to our necks by offering some top notch speed metal, the old school way.

Gate Krashör's frenzied incursion of lightweight speed/thrash is no stranger to the old school sound, and you probably aren't such a stranger to their sound, but by adding some lucid twists and sharp turns, they manage to bend their brand of metal for the perfect measure, rendering themselves to sound very comprehensible, yet ridiculously pleasuring and original. All The typical traits of speed metal are here, with a hint of that old school thrash metal evil put in.The first track ''Blastwave'' stands back for its first minute or two, right before exploding into a frantic speed metal assault, with bluesy chords and gallops, swiping the listener away into an undeniable headbang fest right away. The riffs may actually seem slightly muffled and cracked, but that's their charm as the production also offers the same shattered quality in order to boast the whole ''old school'' effect, which works perfectly.

I'm surprisingly content with the vocal delivery, because the vocalist doesn't tend to scream his lungs out, but he actually keeps his voice low with a few evil rasps coming and going with little frequency. The drums usually don't display anything worth bragging about, but I especially liked the beats on this Ep. They're clear, almost as audible as the guitars, and the drummer can really manage to create to amazing fills and attacks that work with ease alongside the galloping, groovy riffs. The riffs are usually all that you'd expect, straightforward tremolo pickings and galloping chugs, but they never cease to entertain me, and they're even flourished with sporadic technical fragments. Gatekrashör are for any kind of people, people who envy the 80's speed/thrash sound, people who love their speed metal, or people who're basically looking for something dynamic and spiking. If you too are on a quest to achieve similar goals, then Gatekrashör's ''Fear Of Attack'' Ep should be your premier destination.

Speed Metal Hammer

Rating: 84,5%

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