Saturday, May 19, 2012

Resurgency - False Enlightenment

Yes, I know that Greece isn't really the first place you think of when I say death metal, and in fact Greece would scarce come to my mind since their metal scene is completely dominated by black metal usurpers and fiends, no that I'm complaining or anything. If I had just listened to the devastating music found of Resurgency's ''False Enlightenment'', then I would have easily taken this as an American or perhaps an Australian band, but Resurgency didn't even allow me to ponder the question as I was struck with an immediate bolt of lightening that took me far away from my thoughts within an instant. Perplexed and dazzled, I didn't know what to do at first, but a second incursion brought me to my feet and this time I was able to embrace it, and appreciate its monstrous manner of delightfully brutalizing old school death metal that took me with absolute shock an amazement.

For the likes of you and me, ''False Enlightenment'' is a thick, horrendous manacle that fits on your brain and your ears, chafing against it furiously as if intending to erase it. This is my second taste of death metal from the already fantastic record label Hellthrasher Productions for this month, and it's the better one, too. The sheer amount of brutality and heft found on this album is enough to outshine any brutal death metal album easily, yet segments of rotting, decrepit old school bowels and shattered bones that link the riffs together restrain the music, making slipping into the much despised form of death metal a very, very hard task. As the colossal manacles slowly crunch and batter into your head, you'll find it even more pleasuring to listen to this sturdy monolith, thus it will become increasingly difficult for you to dislike it.

While most of the riffs may seem somewhat bleak to many people, they're actually extremely enjoyable, and Resurgency is always sticking to a formula where similar riffs are played with queer elements spread out sporadically, and even though there is not much of an indicator to set riffs apart, they're all exceedingly robust and enjoyable throughout. Also, this album is probably another ''In your face'' to those who believe brutality holds no atmosphere. ''False Enlightenment'' is crude and dark as it's face pummeling, and the whole abysmal aura of the music is altered by swiftly shifting tremolo bursts that descend slowly, with ease and finally come to a certain perspective where they can change the position of the battlefield with one single stroke. The opener ''Craniums Of Slain Disciples'' is the first taste of horror and densely populated chaos for the listener with both its music and title, and the album gradually escalates in a crazed, yet patient manner, altering the direction only slightly with each track. ''Ending The Beginning'' starts where the previous opening track left, with dual guitars playing brooding tremolo pickings with nuances and pummeling grooves. The vocals are just as frantic and energy laden as the riffs, and monstrous barks and growls never seem to be far from sight.

For the first few tracks, the listener will enjoy a very good measure of blasting old school death metal, and on the fourth track ''Dark Revival'', things will start to differ. ''Dark Revival'' is just another crazed, chaotic slab of disorganized tremolo pickings jumping onto each other and the title track is the oddest side of the album yet. Title tracks are usually meant to be special, maybe not always good, but somehow different than other tracks with their own unique twist. The title track on here is both good and diverse as it shapes into numerous shapes during its four and a half minutes, channeling between mid paced Bolt Thrower grooves and morbid dirges adorned with melodic melodies that will no doubt call fans of Autopsy and Incantation to the banners. This album is dark, chaotic, and absolutely mind numbing. Not only does this record stand out as one of the best death metal releases of 2012 alongside ''The Chills'', ''Netherwards'', ''Excruciating Existence'' and ''Contragenesis'', but it also expands Hellthrasher's wings even further, enabling them to grab hold of quality bands with ease. A magnificent dedication to the eternal gods that shaped the genre of old school death metal as we know it.

Hideous Premonition
False Enlightenment
Where Despair Dominates

Rating: 90%

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