Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kill-Burning Blood

Due to the increasing number of war metal bands popping up, my Mp3 player is starting to fill up with more and more of these bands and my ears are starting to taste even better meals than before. What Kill offers on their album ''Burning Blood'' is simply nothing new, but all the great aspects of war metal are gathered in one package, and thus the pure essence of dark, chaotic, blasphemous black/death is renewed once again. I see many great bands slowly dwindling and dying with each release, and I also see a great number of bands emerging from the decrepit passages of evil black metal, and thus turning into the modern masters of black/death. Kill, is no doubt one of the flag bearers in this evil society and with ''Burning Blood'' they will show that the war metal world still lives, with all its strength and they'll also bring forth numerous other bands to rise from Sweden's underground metal scene, giving a big ''Fuck You'' to the massive death metal underground that never seems to cease (Not that I don't enjoy Swedeath).

''Burning Blood'' is a venomous chalice of pure corrupted black metal, the way the old schoolers did it. It's abundant in riffage as well as it keeps channeling through black and death metal, as some riffs may tend to focus on the opposing genre. The production on here, is not as raw as you'd expect it to be, yet the vocals have a somewhat sharp and a very provoking edge to them. They sound very close and very raspy, and during the climax of those hoarse screams and barks they add the raw feeling that the album seems to be missing. The cleaner production quality is no major deal to me, because too raw is a displeasing experience for me. Anyway, onto the riffs now. As I said, the riffs come in a huge abundance and they constantly fluctuate between death-laden and black-laden riffs. There's also a fresh thrashing energy added to the substance that gives ensures the listener that he/she will be in a headbang fest, and perhaps most of the clean ambiance comes from the invigorating feel of the freshly baked thrashy black metal riffs. Of course, the album is not at all that clean. The ending sequences of ''Veni Satana'', ''Poison Chalice'' and songs rich in similar styles have lots of atmosphere to them thanks to the frequent usage of classy, epic black metal tremolo attacks, enabling the album to maintain that wreathing and dense ambiance.

The riffs may all sound very similar, but once you take the time and inspect them closely, you'll see that they're varied just as they are diverse. All of the songs are ably composed and each link that binds the album together is forged exceedingly well, making ''Burning Blood'' one tough chalice that is simply not easy to refuse. Now, I'm not quite sure which songs to pick as highlights since all of them are great and there can only be a few winners, and even as I'm writing this review, my mind is constantly torturing me, forcing me to pick one song instead of the other. The black/thrashing madness that's present in tracks like ''Nails Of The Cursed Steel'' and the title track are extremely tempting at first, but then we have the engulfing atmosphere of ''Beckoning Grave'',  and even I put those aside I just can't deny the eleven minute epic ''Poison Chalice'', the ultimate numbing enterprise for black metallers. It's not easy to make a choice separately, but it's certainly no big job to accept the effectiveness of the blasphemous monstrosity that ''Burning Blood'' created, because every aspect that Kill made on this album is absolutely killer.

Desecration Temple
Nails Of The Cursed Steel

Rating: 87%

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