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Redmist Destruction - Nobility In Death

Although I was more than content with the amount of old school death metal releases that came out this year, the only thrash that impressed me so far is Nekromatheon, Deathhammer and few other black/thrash acts like Desaster, Ketzer and Aura Noir, so over the last week I've been searching restlessly to find some considerably good thrash. After passing through waves of mediocrity, I finally come across this little gem called Redmist Destruction, and now, I can safely pause my brain-harassing search for good new thrash bands. This is just the sort of thrash I was looking for, fast, dynamic, old school but with touches of melody and punk. These guys aren't necessarily a crossover act, but they embrace their punk and hardcore roots rather strongly, resulting in short, cunning songs that do not fail to deliver some spiking thrash with that good ol' punk spirit dotted here and there. Bu just glimpsing at the cover and the logo font you can very well understand that Redmist aren't bringing a different flavor to the table, but this is so much better than the hordes of mediocre thrash/punk hybrids that I had to deal with before.

Although straightforward thrashing and robust outbursts of spiking crossover energy seem to be the main things that make up the anatomy of ''Nobility In Death'', there is a fair enough usage of melody sprinkled around the riffs and bridges randomly to provide even more vivacity and contrast. Some songs resemble more complicated thrash songs with intricate song structures, pending for about three to four minutes, but tracks which are abridged to a mere minute or two are almost direct SOD/MOD/DRI throwbacks, consisting of a chord or two with punk fueled lethal energy guiding the chorus. Typical thrash traits like group shouts or ridiculously crusty palm muted gallops are highly present but one main thing that enhances the originality of quality of the riffs is the occasional usage of catchy melodic patterns which flow with viscosity along the break-neck thrash attacks. ''Eternally Deprived'' has to be the best track on the album, abundant in riffs and melody, fairly intricate and not lacking length. A nice thrash tune that should go well with pretty much any mood that has to do with anger.

I found ''The Coroner'' to be just as efficient as ''Eternally Deprived'' and maybe even more vicious and sordid. The riffs are obviously the best part of the music here as Redmist Destruction has snatched the pleasuring solidity and sordidness from typical acts like Exodus or early Metallica and perhaps even some Slayer during the peak of heinousness, but as I stated before, punk diversity is also a common aspect in the music. The harmonious melodic riffing patterns on ''Hell Capitan'' are nice addition to the growing flavor of melody, plus that certain mute-note sequence could almost bring Swedish melodic death metal bands to mind, and since the influence is so distant, it won't cause any harm to the band's old school sound. ''Strive To Belong'' and ''Terrorist?'' have to be the more crossover-oriented duo, with predictable verse-chorus structures and chord driven, rocket like explosions of punk and hardcore engulfing most of the direct thrash influence. The vocals and drums are elements that really weight a lot when setting the balance right for the album, totally embracing that static, pissed off punk spirit of the early 80's. Even the drums are worthy of some praise. They mainly tend to fit the music well with nice, simple beats, but a blast beats are also randomly scattered throughout. Redmist Destruction did impress me with debut, and they've pointed out that thrash has always been linked to its earliest influences, punk and hardcore, just in case anyone wonders off in search of something different without remembering his/her roots. Pure lethal energy.

Only Human
Eternally Deprived
The Coroner

Rating: 85%

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