Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conflagrator-2011 Demo

Conflagrator are a four piece from Sweeden, playing some energetic trash. This is their only demo yet, and I am certainly looking forward to a full-lenght or an EP. Why? Because this is some certainly refreshing thrash. The riffs are there, and they played really tightly. They are heavy and frashy and yet melodic at times. Despite the demo offering only three songs, Conglagrator can give you more than just three thrashy songs.

The album kicks off with a short drum solo and then bursts open with the ferocious intro riff. The riff isn't the most original one that I've heard, but it certainly gets you headbanging fast. The production is also quite mediocre but still clear, so that you can easily hear what's going in there. The riffs even take on a technical edge sometimes and can be really fun to listen to. The vocals are also cool. Played in a serious sense and not quite your traditional thrash vocals. The vocals are nothing phenominal, but are good enough to keep the songs going, which is all that I could ask for.

I enjoyed Conflagrator so much that I couldn't get enough out of just three songs so I ended up downloading their riff medley and uncomplete song ''Apocryphal Deluge'' from their youtube channel. I hope these guys are recording an album right now, because I have some high hopes for their upcoming record.

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All the songs.

Rating: 84%

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