Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disma-Towards The Megalith

I always, for some reason, refused to listen to new death metal bands. What a retarded cock head move. The newer death metal bands today are making us re-live the early nineties death metal heydays. For some of the most typical kinds, bands like Vanhelgd, Miasmal and Bastard Priest are totally cryshing the Sweedish scene, just as it once was dominated by an abundance of bands. Ofcourse that doesen't mean the states cannot muster some great bands. Disma is without a doubt one of those bands. This is simply pure Incantation worshipping filthy DM in its most grotesque way. Ofcourse that's not much of a shock since both their drummer and vocalist are ex-members of Incantation.

If you know what Incantation sounds you'll certainly know how this sounds. This album could have been simply an extanded version of the pioneering debut ''Onward To Golgotha'', with perhaps a few Bolt Thrower influences thrown in it. This album is the definition of darkness, filth and macabre. There is so much sludgy and doomy influence here that it is just bewildering. Only albums like the aformentioned can sound as heavy and muddy as this, as it is certainly ''heavy fucking heavy''. I'd say that there is more doom in here than fast and aggressive death metal, mainly because I like the doomy parts better. They are just son chunky, full and evil-sounding, and along with those creepy melodies looming at the back, it sounds as if the whole album engulfs you and gets ready to eat you whole. This experience alone is enough for an OSDM fan to love this instantly especially is they are into Asphyx, Incantation or Autopsy. The guitars make the riffs so filthy with their pummeling riffage and highly distorted and mangled tone. The gain must be at full because you can hear buzzing at doomy parts as clear as you hear any other other instrument present.

These guys have a great way to fill their doom-laden passages, and that's by putting some downtuned and doomy melodies or mini-solos as some may call it. These not only fill the empty atmosphere waiting to be darkened, but also create a disturbingly evil old school sound, which is basically your ticket to a nostalgic time machine. I sense absolutely no modern sound in this, so maybe that's why I like it so much. Many bands get all gay with their music while trying to be original and end up failing. I just think they should stick to the old sound. I'm not saying that this isn't original, because it certainly can keep you entertained throughout all forty-six minutes, but it basically sticks to the rule if you know what I mean. The melodious approach consists of technical riffage and low-tuned thrills which I adore. They can even sometimes sound harmonious in a dark way, echancing the experiance even more. The tremolo assaults prevelent on many more energetic albums, is not too frequent-at least not as much as the macabre-cloaked doom laden passages and bloodchilling harmonies and melodies which are the main highlights fro me.

Now allow me to describe the vocalist with two words: Craig Pillard. That's right, to our incredible luck, the demo who played on the legendary ''Onward To Golgotha'' and many other Incantation releases, is on this album. His vocal perfprmance and delivery is outstandingly genius. He's basically the missing link in that monstrously evil effect that the album creates. The sounds so deep, so low and abnormal and sometimes you feel like Pillard will swallow you hole and consume you. Behind doomy chords and thrills he sounds like the devil speaking, epic but in a totally blasphemous way. Infact anyone who liked his delivery on Onwards, will love him here just as they loved him on the Incantation record, because his voice sounds almost the same. He sometimes growls rather long howls they slowly descend from a low growl to a furious shreik.

Disma certainly created one of the best album of 2011, and were able to sound like 1992 with only better production maybe. With crushing and doomy riffs yet a bloodcurdlingly horrendous atmosphere totally altered by Craig Pillard, commanding his dark army from the sky, like a god. No modern sound whatsoever or any sort of new sound. Just pure face melting doomy goodness and face pummeling riffs with blasting drums. If you like death/doom, doom or death metal, you'll love this hell of a masterpiece.

Lost In The Burial Fog
Chaos Apparition
Spectral Domination

Rating 92%

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